1. Is there any way to pin this? looks like something I want to save and that’s easier for my than printing or putting in an email file. thank you!

  2. I just found your web site and I LOVE it! Your ideas make me happy. I found you after doing a Google search looking for a way to care for burlap. My burlap is in the washing machine right now with half the amount of detergent and a splash of bleach. I’m planning on making a pillow with it for my niece and wanted it to be softer and smell better. I recently purchased a Brother SE-400 sewing/embroidery machine and I’m eager to complete this first project. Thanks so much for your help with it!

  3. My grandma makes these. Her recipe is a little different but still good. I have used chocolate cake mix and rolled in powdered sugar, spice cake mix and rolled in cinnamon/sugar mix, yellow cake mix rolled in cinnamon/sugar mix and white cake mix rolled in colored sugars for holidays or seasons.

  4. This looked promising and followed the directions precisely and had s sticky gooey mess that was impossible to form into balls. Did anyone else have this problem? I think next time, I’ll bake in a pan.

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