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I have been trying to find a good Autumn wreath for my front door, and I haven’t had much luck. I like my wreaths to be pretty simple, natural and elegant, with not a lot of craftiness going on. I like the classic look on my black front door. I looked at a bunch of different wreaths in more stores than I can even count. I love the look of thick, lush wreaths. Those usually run in the hundreds of dollars~ not in my budget. Instead, I used this little trick that I have used a lot in the past. It creates the look of an expensive, full wreath for a fraction of the cost.

Use this easy DIY tip to make your wreath look full, thick and expensive!

The wreath that I liked best was actually at Homegoods. It is a mix of faux red leaves and real sticks. I love the combo. The only problem was that is was kind of thin and wimpy, with sparse spots (they look fuller in this pic than they actually were). In the past, when I can’t find a good full wreath, I just grab 2 and stack them… so that is what I did this time too.

To make it lay nicely, I fluffed one and left the other one flat. Then I stacked the fluffed one on top of the flatter one.

How to have a Lush Autumn Wreath without breaking the bank!

I used brown pipe cleaners ($1/pkg of 20 at Hobby Lobby or $5 for 100 HERE on Amazon) to secure the wreaths together. I used pipe cleaners because they wouldn’t scratch my door like plain wire could. Don’t mind my creepy white hands… they were cold. And in need of a tan… and blood flow apparently.


I just wrapped the pipe cleaner around both of the grapevine wreath centers and twisted them at the back to secure them tightly. I did this in 4 different points on the wreath, making sure to pull out all foliage so it wouldn’t get trapped in between.

After the wreaths were nice and tightly secured, I just fluffed all of the foiage a little more.


And that’s it! A gorgeous, lush wreath. So quick and easy… and I got exactly what I wanted without breaking the bank!


I hung the wreath on my door and I love the way it looks against the black.


I think it looks so much more expensive than it was!

Semi DIY Autumn wreath

Although I love the look of the 2 same stacked wreaths, I also love the look of layering 2 different coordinating wreaths. So, anytime you are loving a wreath but its sparseness is a deal breaker, grab two and stack them!


  1. says

    Such a great idea, and it does look gorgeous on your black door! I have a black door, too – once my Halloween wreath is put away, I’ll have to check out Homegoods for red leaves! (I love Homegoods way too much!)

  2. says

    This is so smart! I might try this with two different wreaths. I was about to throw out an old fall wreath because it was too flat, but if I put a thinner leafier one on top it would probably look great!

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