A Sweet Goodbye

This past weekend, I had the honor of arranging the funeral flowers for a 
very special person. My husband’s grandmother passed away last week.
I love her and will miss her.

?Velda Baumgartner Payne, 92
Beloved mother, grandmother, and great grandmother
A woman after my own heart in her love of crafting, decorating, and pretty things
Her giggle was infectious
I loved to visit with her
I loved her fiery personality 
I love how she loved my baby girl

{These roses with little papers attached were such a sweet touch by my mother-
in-law. They are notes from each of us to Granny.}
Someday I will tell Ella how much Granny loved her
Someday I will tell her that Granny couldn’t wait to see her each time we visited
Someday I will tell her about how Granny would pull off her baby headbands, socks,
shoes, and anything else that was making her “uncomfortable”
Someday I will tell her how special she was to Granny
Someday I will tell her that she will see Granny again
and she will hear a little whisper in her heart telling her it’s true


  1. says

    Kristen, This is beautiful.. You did an amazing job on the flowers, and Granny would be so touched to hear what you had to say.. Obviously she was VERY loved! Sad for your loss, but so happy you had that kind of love for her. Love you guys!

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