Peace, Hope, and a Gorgeous Burlap Banner

Last week I was lucky enough to win this beautiful banner from Simply Burlap {here} and I wanted to share a few pictures with you. But, more than that I wanted to share something else. 
As I found myself in tears, off and on, for the majority of the time since the tragedy in Connecticut, one of the most comforting and inspiring messages I read was on her sweet blog as well. As a teacher herself, she had such an inspiring message to share along with that of the true meaning and hope of Christmas. 
She truly spoke to my heart. 
I won’t even attempt to paraphrase what she said because any attempt I would make would fail in comparison to her beautiful post. You can read her post {here}. I hope it gives you a little peace and comfort as well. 
Besides her beautiful heart, and wonderful posts, Allison makes the most beautiful burlap banners. I felt so lucky to win one in a giveaway she had recently. 
I think it is so fun and I am hoping to take Christmas pictures with it with Ella next year. 
She even has the most adorable packaging! 
As I hold my sweet baby ever closer, my heart hurts for the loss of those families. 
Something else that spoke to my heart was this little video {click here} and I hope it brings you peace too. It sure did bring perspective and comfort to my heart.
I hope you find peace and hope this Christmas season, despite the darkness of the world around us. 
Much love to you on this Sabbath day.


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    Kristen, What a sweet banner. I know your joy in holding your sweet little girl is tainted by the grief of those that will never hold their babies again. I am off to visit the blog you mentioned. xo Diana

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    Your words touch me, it is so true, I think we are all grieving with the victims… thank you for sharing yourself with us! The burlap banners are gorgeous, and the look stunning beside your lovely tree. :)


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    Thank you so much for your sweet words Kristen! Your banner looks great there!

    I watched that video and it made me cry. Great perspective and one that we all need to remember.

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