Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

We have had a crazy amount of snow over the last week. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Just adding, little by little, layer by layer. 
These are my boot prints in the snow on the way to get my mail.
Ella has spent most of the time on our porch when we go outside. She is not very fond of the snow. As a matter of fact, when I take her out in the snow and set her down, she screams! When I took her back inside, she ran around with her sunglasses on…. Is she trying to tell me something?

Her little boots out in the snow…  Everything looks cute as a miniature I have decided :)

My sweats and boots aren’t even close to being as cute.
I have to admit, I love it the snow. 
It is so beautiful… and it gives me a good excuse to live off of a diet of soup and hot cocoa.
Have you had any beautiful snow? 


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    Hi Kristen,
    Happy new year…..I have been away for awhile now taking off some much needed time. I have to admit after seeing your post I am feeling a ill bad thinking its cold outside….wowza I bet it’s a ill love hate where your at. I hope to get back into blogging soon…we will see lol.


  2. says

    I wish we had snow, it’s been cold enough but not a cloud in the sky. Our snow usually goes away after a day so I’m not sure if I would love it if it stuck for weeks at a time 😉
    It sure is beautiful though!

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    We did get snow a few weeks ago and it hung around a week and then got everything gross and yucky. It was beautiful while it was all nice and pretty but once it started melting I was over it. haha


  4. says

    My gosh- does she ever look adorable in that little red suit…with the boots with the little red ties! I don’t like the snow- I wish I did- I want to escape back to FL when we have winter here in the Midwest. I can send you my snow if you would like- xo Diana

  5. says

    She is the cutest thing! Those boots are precious. Luckily, we have not had any measurable amount of snow. I’m not a snow lover. Yours is beautiful tho. Enjoy.


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