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I am so thrilled to be sharing our new couches with you today along with a peek at our family room Christmas decor! I love this time of year and I am thankful for Wayfair’s sponsorship of this post.

The year-long search for the perfect slipcovered sofa and chair~ with gorgeous results! find all of the details here at

I love this slipcovered sofa set and gorgeous Christmas decor!

Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am SO excited to share this post with you today. Things have changed in a big way here in our family room and I have been so anxious to share!

I love this slipcovered sofa set and pillow combination with the gorgeous Christmas decor!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect couches for this space for almost a year now! I really liked our old couches (you can see them here), but they were showing some pretty major wear, and it was time to replace them. You may remember that I found a gorgeous tufted sofa on Craigslist, but it ended up not really fitting perfectly in this space, so we got rid of it too. I was then on the hunt for the perfect set!

I visited every furniture store in town and spent HOURS on various sites online trying to find the perfect pair. I also asked around to see which couches my friends liked best. I was feeling pretty indecisive until I found a few sets that I loved on Wayfair.

I love this slipcovered sofa set and gorgeous holiday decor!

I really loved the Felicity (FYI, one thing that I loved about the Felicity was that you could request samples of the different types of fabrics), Jenny, and Nantucket sets. All 3 of them were pretty similar in style, so after weighing all of the options, shipping timeframe, etc. I decided to go with the Nantucket by Rowe…. and let me tell you, I am in LOVE! They are so nice and solid, and constructed impeccably with a real wood frame. I love that I can remove the covers to clean them as well~ A necessity with toddlers and light colored couches!

I love this slipcovered sofa set and gorgeous Christmas decor! I love this slipcovered sofa set with these fun pillows and gorgeous Christmas decor!

My husband likes soft couches, and I like them more on the firm side. I like them to keep their shape well and help you to stay upright while you are talking with people. I think we have all sat in couches where it feels like you are drowning and fighting to stay upright. My hubby likes those, and, well, I really do not. The best part about this couch is it is somehow pretty firm, but also really, really comfortable. I noticed even the cushions on the back hold their shape really well, but are so soft. It really is exactly what I was looking for. I had never ordered furniture online before, and I am so happy with the result!

I love this slipcovered sofa set and gorgeous Christmas decor!

I chose the sofa and the coordinating chair, but I am thinking we will probably add the ottoman or another chair. It is kind of hard to tell right now with my big tree up in here, so I will have to see what the space needs once the Christmas decor is put away.

The fabric is a creamy natural colored canvas type of fabric. I loved our couches that we had before that were this color, so I knew I wanted them again. I love that it has a very nicely tailored slipcover.

I love this slipcovered sofa set and gorgeous Christmas decor!

I love this slipcovered sofa set and gorgeous Christmas decor!

My hubby says I have pillow hoarding issues… and he might be right. One of the very first things I did was play around with accessorizing the sofa with different pillows. Most of my Christmas decor is red and cream, so I pulled out pillows to match.

I love this slipcovered sofa set with fun pillows and gorgeous Christmas decor! I love this slipcovered sofa set with these fun pillows!

I have been snuggling in this chair, sipping on my tea and staring at the Christmas tree every night. Heaven.

This chair is so cozy under the Christmas tree!

My Ella came running out of her room like this while I was snapping pictures and started twirling around. She melts me. We have been also been snuggling together on the sofa, staring at the lights. I love this comfortable space.

I love this comfortable family friendly space!

I can’t wait to share my full Christmas home tour with you on Wednesday as part of Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk! I will also be sharing glimpses before then, so I hope you come back. I just love decorating for Christmas!

I love this gorgeous Christmas decor!

In the meantime, you can check out Wayfair’s awesome Black Friday deals HERE. I hope you have a wonderful weekend snuggling under your Christmas tree!


  1. says

    Sooooo beautiful, Kristen. I love the shape of this set and the style looks perfect in your home. OMG, I also have a pillow problem. Luke thinks they are breeding in our home. x

  2. says

    what gorgeous couches!! your decor is amazing, as always! can’t wait to see the holiday house tour :) oh, and I love your little one’s ruffly leggings- adorable!

  3. T. Sexton says

    Love the decor. I’m so in love with your Christmas stockings. Where did you find them? I’ve been searching for the perfect stockings for awhile and love yours!

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