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I am so excited to share my new Fall signs with you today! I made up a couple of new designs for the season {I have one that is not shown as well}.  I hope you feel inspired to whip out your paintbrushes! {Or, if you would like… I will have a few available in the shop}
Oh how I love the Fall! 
The crisp air, the apples, the pumpkin patch, the sweaters and boots… heaven! Usually by this time of the summer I begin to daydream about what the cooler weather will feel like, and I can’t help but get excited and anxious for Fall decorating. 
The first one I made is this bold Trick or Treat sign and I think I will be hanging it next to my Halloween tree this year… if I can get my act together and get it set up! It is creamy white and slate with stained wood trim. 

This next one had kind of a funny story. It was just one of those spur of the moment napkin drawings. 

I sketched the template for this guy in like 5 minutes so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I really ended up loving the look of the creamy white paint on the warm gray wood. The stain actually looks more gray in person (or maybe my computer screen is just off).

Although you can’t really see it in these pictures, I whitewashed the face of the trim a little to make it pop. 

And, of course I made a couple of these guys again. You can see the tutorial with free template HERE. There is something about painting and distressing that I just love. 
Last year I made them on reclaimed wood, but I don’t have any on hand, so I made them with the same wood as the others. I framed this one as well, but I used a raw rustic wood to really add warmth to the sign.

That little pumpkin fell off my vine and I just think he is so cute. If I could, I would have a huge pumpkin patch with thousands of pumpkins… maybe someday. I just love them. 

I will have a few of each of these signs in my etsy shop:
Have you started any of your Fall projects yet? Am I the only crazy one?
P.S. I will also be listing a few of these banners within the next couple of days, or you can see the tutorial HERE and HERE.


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