How to Make Burlap Ribbon the Cheap and Easy Way!

This post is sponsored by my favorite online source for all things Burlap, They are so awesome to work with and have a great variety of products on their site! I hope you will check them out. As always, this project is my own creation and all opinions are my own.
I am so excited to be participating in the All Things Burlap Party with all of these lovely ladies! 
I love to make burlap ribbon. There are so many fun uses for it, especially during the upcoming holidays! It is so quick, easy, and inexpensive to make too… which is always nice! I used my 40% off coupon at the fabric store for regular natural colored burlap and I only paid $2.40 a yard which equals out to being only 17 cents a yard for 3″ burlap ribbon!!!  {It is also super inexpensive and convenient to order online through and then it is delivered to your door!} And, in case you are wondering, you can get 14 yards of ribbon per single yard of burlap! Not bad! 
In the pictures below, I have already done these steps on one side of my ribbon, but you will do it on both sides to get a nice straight edge. {So basically, follow these steps to straighten your first edge out, and then use these steps to straighten your other edge as well… sorry, my pictures didn’t turn out for that first side, but I think you will get the idea with these next pictures. If not, see my post here which explains a little better how to straighten out your edges}
After you have straightened out one side of your burlap, measure the width you wish your ribbon to be and snip a little cut in the end seam. 
Pull out one of the threads from the entire length of the piece of burlap {Note: the length of your burlap will be the length of your ribbon, so keep that in mind when you are making your purchase}

The missing thread line will serve as guide to cut your burlap to get that nice and perfect edge. 

Once you have cut your ribbon, pull one or two more threads off of each end. 

And you are finished! Quick, cheap, and easy!!

The possibilities for crafting with these ribbons are really endless!!
If you don’t want to make your own ribbon, you can also purchase pre-made burlap ribbon through here
One of my favorite things to do with burlap ribbon is to wrap presents with it because it adds so much richness and texture. I will definitely be doing some of these this Christmas. 

Thanks for reading!  

Be sure to check out the other ladies’ wonderful burlap posts! I don’t know about you, but I love burlap this time of the year! There will also be a link party on Friday for you to link up all of your burlap projects! So, I hope you will come back and link up!
Kristin from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia was up before me in our little blog hop and look at her adorable gift wrapping with burlap! 
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  1. says

    This is a wonderful idea… takes a little more time, but worth it if you are doing a lot of burlap projects. Looking forward to the burlap linky party!!!

  2. says

    wow! Great idea!! By the way, which is the cheapest way to get a lot of burlap, do you know? Would I have to get it from where JoAnn’s gets it? Need it for a large gardening project.

  3. says

    I just adore your wrapped package, and the burlap ribbon is inspired! But, where did you find the red and white ribbon? It’s the cutest stuff I’ve seen!

  4. says

    Great idea to make yardage into ribbon! Nice. I love the wooden spools you’ve wrapped it on too! A couple of them look like bobbins from a spinning wheel – do you spin, or did you just buy them somewhere? LOVE!

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