Free Printable Bunting Flags and Tutorial

I am so excited to share this fun, free printable that I made with you today! You can print any letter, number, or ampersand to create a bunting/banner that says anything you want!

The possibilities for these are endless. You can print on fabric, cardstock, scrapbook paper, book pages, and more. I made some out of paper, and some out of fabric and I have all the instructions to do both below. I have to say that I really like them both, but I absolutely love how the fabric one turned out. It is so worth the few extra steps! 
{The links to the free printable will be below these tutorials at the end of the post}

To Make a Paper Bunting

1. Print the letters you want to use. I used an ink jet printer and some nice, textured cardstock. You could use colored cardstocks, book pages, scrapbook paper, etc.
2. Cut out each of your flags, following the lines carefully.
3. Use a hole punch or exacto knife to make holes on the left and right side of the top of each sheet. 
4. String your letters onto ribbon, jute, or baker’s twine, etc. 
There are so many things you can do with these buntings! Parties, weddings, home decor, seasonal decor, and more. 
I thought it would make a cute “cards” banner for a wedding, kind of like the one I made {here}.

To make a Fabric Bunting

Making this bunting on fabric requires a few extra steps, but the results are GORGEOUS! It is also a lot more durable than the paper ones, so it will last longer. 
1. Print the letters you want to use onto fabric using my tutorial {here}. Instead of ironing the fabric onto cardstock {like I did in the tutorial for an invitation}, iron your bunting letters onto another piece of fabric. 
Tip: I used a heavier fabric for the front and a lightweight muslin for the back. It helps the Heat n’ Bond to adhere better if one of the pieces are a light fabric, and it helps the bunting to have more structure with the heavier side. Two lighter weight fabrics would work too. 
2. Cut out each of your flags, following the lines carefully.
3. Use an exacto knife to make slits for your ribbon {or whatever you want to string it together with}. The heavier fabric makes the holes really sturdy. 
4. String together all of your flags. I used a cream satin ribbon, but you really could use anything.
You can see the difference in the front and back here. For the front I used a textured heavyweight fabric I got in the $1 section at Walmart. The back is a lightweight natural muslin.
I will be creating more of these free bunting printables in different shapes and fonts if anyone is interested. I am absolutely in love with them. They are so fun and versatile! 
To print off the bunting flags, follow the link {here}. 
This link is subject to change so please Pin and share from this blog post {instead of from the printable link} 
The fine print: Please remember these are free for personal use only! 
They are not to be altered or used to sell in any form.  
I hope you enjoy making your buntings! I would love to see pictures of any that you make!
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    Kristen! These are great! And I’m so glad you included a tutorial on how to print on fabric. I haven’t ever done that yet, and have been wanting to try! So cute and creative!

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