Free Black and White Halloween Printables

I shared my Fall home tour yesterday which included these Halloween printables that I hung on my DIY Mousetrap Gallery Wall  in our bonus room. If you haven’t made one of these yet, they are so versatile and easy. I love changing out the artwork seasonally! {See tutorial HERE}

I got all of the images from The Graphics Fairy. She has such a wonderful site. If you would like something a little different, browse her images and you are sure to find something that will work for you. I combined a couple of her images on each page. I changed the printable for you so that it has a black border. I am probably going to reprint mine because I think they look better with the border.
I liked the look of the layered papers, so I just turned over the prints that were already there, and stacked the Halloween printables on top.
All you have to do is print and hang! The mousetraps keep a nice firm hold on them. Or you could always print and frame, tack to a bulletin board, etc.
I just printed them on cream cardstock (I recommend cardstock over regular computer paper because I prefer the way it looks and its sturdiness), but you can pick any color to match your decor. Book pages would also look really fun.
To download this fun free printable, click the image below or click {HERE}
I will be back on Monday with more details of the kitchen jar shelves. I am so overwhelmed with your kind words about that fun project! Thank you so much.


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