6 DIY Autumn Decorations Under $6!

I really wanted to participate in the Autumn talent scouting contest over at Whisperwood Cottage, but I didn’t really have very many Fall decorations.

So I came up with 6 fun projects for under $6 a piece!

The first project is this big, fun “Pumpkins Apples Hayrides” sign. Believe it or not, this baby was FREE! I already had the paint and paintbrushes on hand from other projects, and the board/ cabinet door/ not sure what it is… was Free at a yard sale! I really loved the frame and the grooves in it, and I knew right when I saw it that I wanted to make a sign out of it.
{Update: Tutorial Here}

I actually have a tutorial in the works for this sign including a free copy of the design if anyone is interested in making it. I will be posting it soon.

{Update: Tutorial Here}

I have also had a few people ask for a tutorial of how I paint/distress wood to make it look like it is really old {like my lamp project here}. I love it when it looks like it has layers and layers of worn paint! That will be included in the sign tutorial as well.

My second Autumn decor idea was {of course– I love them!} one of my vintage book page pinwheel banners. This time, I made it out of a book I already had in my stash with a really great patina, which I thought was perfect for fall decor {I just remembered that the guy gave this book to me for free because it was “ruined” haha…}. Did you know that a lot of the books that were published during WWII here in the United States have this patina? I heard that the quality of paper had something to do with the ration on paper at the time.

I already had all of these supplies on hand so this project was free for me as well. But, you can pick up books like this at thrift stores for a couple of dollars if you keep an eye out. So, if you are looking to make a banner with a lot of character and charm, you can find one of those fun WWII era books with a great patina and follow my tutorial here.

My third project was two of these vintage napkin pennant banners {tutorial here}. I made one out of a set of beautiful vintage white cut work napkins I found for $1 at a thrift store. The other one, I made out of another set of vintage napkins that I found at the same thrift store, for $1, with cute embroidered Autumn-colored flowers. The seam binding cost $1.88 a piece which put the project’s total cost at $5.76. I tea dyed the seam binding for the embroidered napkins and it matched perfectly with the aged color of the napkins.

Here are a few pictures of my dining room in all of its Autumn glory :). I replaced some of the more summer-colored things with items that had more of a fall feel including the basket, pretzel tin, gourds, and my last three projects.  

For my fourth project, I made this luminary out of some old wood I had in the backyard. {tutorial here} Lucky for me, my husband hadn’t hauled it to the dump yet! Our neighbor’s dog keeps eating holes in our fence and we keep replacing boards, so there was quite a nice little stash to choose from!
I have a tutorial in the works for this luminary as well. It is super simple to make if you have the drill bit to make the holes. My cost on this: Again, Free since I already had the supplies. But if you don’t already have this drill bit, it only costs under $4 at Lowes.  
It is actually has a really great ambiance in person, which I think Fall decor is all about: warmth. Warm colors, warm rich textures, warm lighting, etc.
{Disclaimer: if anyone makes this, be sure to use enclosed glass, or battery operated, candles only under supervision so you don’t burn your house down. I put my candle jars in the middle, and I had no problems}
My fifth project was refinishing this old tray that my fabulous friend found for me at a yard sale for $3. I used the same book pages as above so it would have that nice rich coloring.
First, I painted the tray with some paint I had on hand, and then I just Mod Podged the book pages right on. I recommend using two coats of Mod Podge, allowing time to dry in between.
My 6th and final project was actually one I made last fall when I got the urge to add warmth and natural textures to my home. I loved this burlap table runner so much, I have kept it on the table ever since! You can see the tutorial here.  The funny thing it that after I made it, I walked into Pottery Barn and saw the same exact thing selling for $50! Mine only cost me about $6 with a coupon at JoAnn Fabrics.
There you have it! 6 Autumn decor projects for under $6 a piece! I think it is so fun to add seasonal decor without spending a lot of money. A little creativity {and sometimes some junk from the backyard} goes a long way!
Thank you for reading!

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  1. says

    What lovely fall decorations you have made! Can’t wait on your tutorial on distressing signs, and your wooden luminary is just adorable.

  2. says

    Hi Kristen!

    I just found your site a few weeks ago and absolutely love all of your beautiful projects and stunning photos. Pure eye candy!

    I am anxiously looking forward to your tutorials for these projects because everything looks amazing (and definitely magazine-worthy!)

    Thanks for sharing so much inspiration!

  3. says

    Wow! What a coy little autumn scene! Your projects are delightful-my fave is the napkin pennants. I love the feel of your home and your photos. They are o welcoming and homey!

  4. says

    Oh wow. You are so crafty, talented, cute, and creative you might have to rename your blog so it says this behind your name. I love the table runner! Fun stuff.

  5. says

    I wish you could come and help me decorate/design my house… I’m a mess. Everything here is so gorgeous. I’m impressed, but not surprised. You’re amazing.

  6. says

    I just always love your projects! I found your blog recently and have been hooked ever since! You are very good at vignetting as well. I can’t wait to see more on the sign, I just love it. I’m curious, are those pumpkins and gourds real or fake? They look awesome! Sorry for the random load of comments, haha. :)

  7. says

    Your fall projects are ALL OVER Pinterest! Everyone is enchanted with them, as am I. No pressure or anything :) but I can’t wait to see how you made your beautiful Autumn sign because I WANT one, too!! Of course little Ella’s first birthday must be savored fully before you turn to writing your how-to, but I am so looking forward to another great Ella Claire tutorial!

  8. says

    I just found your site through sweetsomethingdesign. I love your pumpkin, apple and hayride sign. I have had a restful evening making one out of an oops board, so it will be free.
    Thank you for such a cute craft.

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