Spring Chalkboard with Free Template and Printable

Hello friends! 
I am so excited to share the latest chalkboard collaboration with you! Kristin, Simply Klassic, and I worked together to bring you these fun freebies! 
She designed this adorable template and I drew it on my chalkboard. 
She is such a talented designer and it was a lot of fun to draw. You can draw one on your own chalkboard using the Chalkboard Drawing Tutorial~ click HERE~ with the template that you can download by clicking HERE.
Or, if you don’t want to draw one, you can just print and frame the free printable! Head on over to Simply Klassic and download the free printable HERE

One of the best things about the early spring is the tulips. They are so happy and joyful. They look like the way I feel inside when the sun starts shining. I love how they look next to the chalkboard. 
The sun streaming in these windows was so luscious too. I could just soak it all in… for hours. 
Except this little one, with her crazy hair and and beautiful smile, was even more fun to play with! So we went outside and played with her doggie out in the gorgeous sunshine. 

I hope you are having a wonderful week! 
: )


  1. says

    Ooooh! So lovely! Great job on the design Kristin! And Kristen, you did a great job drawing it out and your fun tulips are just perfect! Tulips are my favorite flower :) Gosh, Ella has grown so much! Just love her!

  2. says

    Oh spring!! I can’t wait for it to visit us here in ND. It’s 43 today so we are close. Except its going to snow tomorrow. Boo. And I love the tulips in the pics. Your chalkboards are so adorable. You got IT girl!!

  3. says

    Love this! That whole little corner looks beautiful! Where did you get those stools? I love them.

    My daughter has that same shirt and I’m DEFINITELY going to be cutting out that little owl and putting it on a pillow for her bed when she outgrows the shirt! It’s one of my very favorites.

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