A Funny Story and Shabby Chic Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Printables

I wanted to share a few more pictures of this fun little “Sugar and Spice” printable baby shower pack that I made over the past couple of weeks. It was so fun to contribute to the Dating Divas’ baby shower bundle {I shared the details and the rest of the bundle HERE}. There are so many other fun printables in the bundle as well~~ everything you would ever need to throw a baby shower!
You can head over to my post {HERE} to read more, and to purchase the bundle if you would like.
But first, I have a funny story to share about this beautiful mirror. 
This mirror makes me want to simultaneously giggle and cry every time I see it. I bought a beautiful antique dresser and this attached mirror when I was in college. Rather, I conned my mom into buying it from me {and then saving it for me} because $65 is a lot of money to a poor college student. I found it at a yard sale, not too far from where I lived in our fun college town. It was BEAUTIFUL, pristine, and I knew I wanted it for my little girl’s room someday. 
Well, my mom kept it up in a cute dormer at their house until I needed it, and several years later, when I started to gather things for little Ella’s room, I called and told her I was coming to pick it up. My little brothers (in their 20’s) caught wind of this and decided to bring it down to the garage for me, but they weren’t very careful and sent it crashing and tumbling down the stairs instead. They thought… “hey, no big deal. It is just an old piece of junk anyway…” and they hauled it out to the BURN PILE! They failed to mention it to me, and a week or so later I showed up to pick up the dresser and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I looked and looked, and to my horror finally found it. I cried, I screamed, I cursed, and then I cried a whole lot more. “Those idiots,” I thought! 
Not only did they drag it out there, but they finished breaking the whole thing apart into little pieces. I dug and dug through all of the rubble to see if there was anything I could salvage, and to my surprise, there under all of the warped and mangled wood, the mirror survived! How? I have no idea. And it still looked beautiful. Miracle. 
So now the mirror will still be a part of my home. Every time I look at it I want to cry because of the hopes I had for the beautiful dresser, and I giggle a little because I just picture my brothers, “Oh well… Just a piece of junk. Let’s throw it on the burn pile!” Haha. Thank goodness I found the mirror before they burned it! Boys…
It was a lot of fun to use my poor little rescued mirror as a backdrop for my Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Printables. I will definitely need to find more excuses to use it in the future. 
For the printable pack, I included everything from cake and cupcake toppers, to invitations, banners, and Mason jar toppers. 

I also included a few printables to frame, or hang as decor at the shower, as well as 3 different banners:
~ A cute polka dot and cupcake banner
~ A “Gifts” banner for the gifts table
~A “Sugar & Spice” banner

This little cupcake printable is my favorite. I will definitely be using this as art in Ella’s room or in her playroom. 

There are also printables for games in the pack as well. It was such fun to put it together. To see the rest of the pack, or purchase it, if you would like, you can head over {HERE}. 
I hope you enjoyed the little story behind this beautiful mirror. Can you see your sons or brothers doing that?  😉


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    Fantastic! I’m beginning to plan a baby shower for my daughter (I’m only 41, WHY did I have kids so young, I never considered being a young grandma, lol). We will be finding out the gender in a few weeks, so will know then which way the shower will be going. As far as destroying good stuff (*my* stuff), my husband is the guilty one! A couple summers ago, he took my pile of metal stuff (for projects I was currently working on!!) to the local scrap metal guy – for far less than the replacement cost, of course. I was beyond angry for too long. Now I can roll my eyes over it, though not quite laugh yet.

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