Pinecone Garland Tutorial

I shared my pinecone garland a few days ago with my little Fall Party Food Vignette and Homemade Apple Cider Recipe {here}. I wanted to be sure to share the tutorial as well since I figured out how to make the pinecones lay really nicely. I have made pinecone garlands before and they always end up looking a little wonky, but this new way made them lay really nice and straight. 
My hubby gathered these pinecones for me when he was out on a hunting trip. What a sweet man to think of me while he was away! When he brought them home, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was make a garland. 
You will need: 
thick jute rope
glue gun
burlap ribbon {tutorial here}
other accent ribbon
First, take your jute rope and bend at the point where you want to hang your first pinecone. I started in the middle of my length of rope {then alternated adding pinecones on each side} 
Put a squirt of hot glue in the center of the base of your first pinecone and stick your little bent part into the glue. 

Once secure, cover the top of it and the rest of the open space in that area with a generous amount of glue. Place upright until dry. I am using my glue gun case here to hold them.  

Continue repeating this until you have all of your pinecones on your rope. I spaced mine about 3 1/2 inches apart from base to base. 

Then just tie little lengths of burlap ribbon in between each pinecone. My ribbon measured 1 1/2 inches wide by 10 inches long. To make your own burlap ribbon, see my tutorial {here}. I also added longer orange accent ribbons after every third pinecone. 
I love how all of the pinecones lay nice and straight when it is hung. I think this project would be really cute for Christmas decor too if you used a different accent ribbon. 
On another note, Ella and I went out and picked anything with color from the garden because I was worried it would freeze. I will miss going out every day and watching my little one eat every tomato she can find! 
I had to throw this picture in here because it makes me giggle. This is so me right now at this time in my life and I love it… A little one trying to eat what I am taking pictures of, and me at a wide stance trying to take pictures over my ever-growing baby belly. 

My own little heaven.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 


  1. says

    I am enjoying your inspirations. I made my own banner for the fireplace and shared your tutorial. I loved your technique so much I made a BOO Banner, A Fall “Thankful” Banner and am going to have one for a giveaway Too. Thank you so much for your tutorials!!!

  2. says

    Kristen, That is a really cute garland. You are right -it would be perfect for Christmas with different ribbon attached. Love it and what great pictures of fresh produce- xo Diana

  3. says

    Hi Kristen,
    New blog follower via Pinterest! I love what I have seen (and pinned) so far and can’t wait to look around more. I would like to feature this post on my blog, MishMashedMe, if that is okay. I am doing 30 days of d.i.y. gifts and decor in anticipation of the holidays and I think this would be great. I would also like to use one of your photos if that is okay. Of Course, I will link back to your blog and give you credit. I keep my short and encouraging for my viewers so they check out the full post here. Let me know as soon as you can! Thanks!

  4. Denise Chadwick says

    I think these are beautiful. You did a beautiful job. I think it would be neat to add some scent to them. I guess you could hot glue some cloves in some of the hidden spaces of the pine cones or maybe even some hint of orange peel.

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