Pin the Spider on the Web | Free Printable

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Free Printable | Pin the Spider on the Web

It has been such a hot summer here, and I have been oh so pregnant, that I am already dreaming of all things Fall! I had this idea for a free printable “pin the spider on the web” game for all of the upcoming Halloween carnivals and parties that you may be throwing, so I set to work designing one! I always loved “pin the tail on the donkey” when I was a kid, so I thought this would be a fun spin on that. Hopefully it will help you in your party planning!

Free Printable | Pin the Spider on the Web

I used a cute spiderweb graphic that I found on, and designed the print to be 24″x36″. I had it printed as a 24″x36″ engineering blueprint (you can do this at any copy place or office supply store) and it only cost about $3. This is a much less expensive way to make a huge black and white print than having a poster made. You can download the free print at the end of this post. I used black and white polkadot washi tape to secure it to the wall.

Free Printable | Pin the Spider on the Web

For the spiders, I found a bunch on by just typing “spider” in the search box, but the only one that Ella would touch was “the happy spider.” That girl cracks me up. You can do a search and find the ones that will match your party’s theme. There are spiders that are a lot spookier and even some that are different colors (a variety would be a great way to delineate what spider belongs to which child). GraphicStock offers a free 7 day trial, so you can download as many as you want for free…. or you could even design your own print if you find a spiderweb you like better.

Here are a few of my favorites for kids:

Free Printable | Pin the Spider on the Web

You can download them HERE.

Ella couldn’t get enough of this game. We played it over and over and over. And over. You just play it like a typical pin the tail on the donkey game, except whoever pins the spider closest to the center of the web wins!

Free Printable | Pin the Spider on the Web

You can download the 24″x36″ “Pin the Spider on the Web” Free Printable HERE.

You can get your free 7 day trial and download spiders to match your party’s theme HERE. Their images are royalty free so you can use them forever for your different halloween projects too.

If you use this for your Halloween party and post a picture on Instagram, be sure to tag me so I can see!

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  1. cookie17 says

    ahhhh,wish I had some little ones grandkid’s are to old but this is precious Thank’s so much
    if need comes up I’ll know where find it

  2. Amy says

    Adorable! The smiley spider reminds me of a children’s book that your daughter would probably love! ” how spider saved the flea circus by Robert Kraus” it is a whole series that stars that happy spider! If your local library doesn’t have them you can find them on Amazon starting at $4.00 ….just a thought!

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