One of my goals for 2014 is to become a better cook! I want to make it a habit to cook with resolve. To cook things to nourish and bless my family. Here I will record my journey to compile a bunch of REALLY great recipes to put into my rotation. My sweet friend Jill is helping in this journey and I couldn't be more thrilled {You can read more about Jill below}. We promise that every recipe we share is something we truly love. Read more about my journey here. These will not take the place of my regular DIY and decor posts, but will be in addition to them.

Light and Fresh Lettuce Wraps

Amazing Homemade Salad Dressings 





Appetizers and Sides


My amazingly talented friend and neighbor, Jill is helping me in this journey. I have long admired her talent and have finally gotten up the courage to ask her to teach me! I'm sure you will love her as much as I do.
Hi, I'm Jill: I have a loving husband and three strapping little boys.  When I'm not waxing the ol' minivan, you'll find me in the kitchen putting a little love into the food I make and bake for my family.  Strap on your aprons, I'm excited to share some recipes with you!


Rita said...

Kristen, would you tell us where you got the beautiful napkins in the first picture. The one that has blue edging with fruit around it. So very pretty. Thank You!

Sarah Westover McKenna said...

I know you have more recipes than this! Where are they?? Also, love the new header!

Ella Claire said...

My name is Ella Claire! haha :)

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