My Top 16 Favorite FREE Vintage Fonts!

By now, I am sure you have figured out that I LOVE all things vintage, so I thought I would share my Top 16 favorite FREE vintage-y fonts with you today. Isn’t vintage typography the best!? And it is so fun to create your own. I hope you enjoy making lots of lovely things with your fun new fonts :). I have made so many projects with these great fonts, and have many more in the works!
16 Free Vintage Fonts~ Create your own vintage typography!
1. Volutes {here} 2. Birmingham Titling* {here} 3. Cameo Antique {here} 4. Combustion {here} 5. Qumpellka No.12 {here} 6.Tagettes {here} 7. Underwood Champion {here} 8. Campanile {here} 9. Caribbean Tool {here} 10. Foglihten No.01{here} 11. Richardson Fancy Block{click here} 12. Ecuyer DAX{here} 13. Jane Austen {here} 14. Parisienne {here} 15. Birmingham* {here 16. Marmellata Jam {here
~Please be respectful and abide by each font’s terms of use~
*When you download Birmingham, it will give you a bunch of great files… including the titling and a bunch of others*

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I hope you had a great weekend! 


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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    This is just what I needed to help finish my Mother’s Day gift.
    You’re a gem!!

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    Hi Kristen, I am also a lover of vintage! Im very curious about the fonts and how to aquire them. Can you give me a couple tips on how to get started? This will make my paper art projects soooo much more fun! Someone mentioned downloading and installing. I adore the collections you have chosen! Thx so much 😉 Dee Hartmann

  4. says

    WOW! Thank you for taking all of the guess work out of lettering! You seriously saved me some time and my project is now looking so much more chic than it would have without these new font choices! THANKS!

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