My Top 16 Favorite {FREE} Fonts

Hi everyone!
I have had several questions about the different fonts I have used in a couple of my designs, so I came up with this little list for you~ My top 16 favorite free fonts!  
1. Wisdom Script {click HERE} 2. Abraham Lincoln {click HERE} 3. Octin Vintage {click HERE} 4. Sail {click HERE} 5. Calamity Jane {click HERE} 6. Richardson Fancy Block{click HERE}7. Lavanderia {click HERE} 8. Delouisville {click HERE} 9. Volutes {click HERE} 10. Batang {click HERE} 11. MTF Under Your Skin {click HERE} 12. Covington {click HERE}13. NeoRetroDraw {click HERE} 14. Contribute {click HERE} 15. Covington SCShadow{click HERE} 16. Some Weatz {click HERE}
(**Update: On the Co op site where it asks you how much you want to pay for the font, put $0 in the box to get it for free. If you would like to donate to the author, you can put that amount in there)
(**Update #2: Please be respectful and abide by each font’s terms of use. Some are only free for personal use.)
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! You are so good to me.
*If you would like to see more fonts, you can see my Top 16 Favorite Free Fonts for Valentines and Love Letters {Here}


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    Thank you so much for all of the font links. I was wondering where you found them, and I can’t wait to look through the sites for even more to use! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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    It’s worth pointing out that at least a couple of these fonts are free for personal use only, if you’re going to use them for commercial use you have to pay for a commercial license. I’m specifically talking about the Mission Script and Lavanderia font from the Lost Type Co Op, so just be aware of that – I’m not sure about the other fonts – I know Abraham Lincoln doesn’t require an extra commercial license but others might.

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    i know i am probably the last to figure this out, but how do you download and use the fonts? can someone teach me. Once I download them what do I do so that they show up in my fonts?

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    You had me at Wisdom… then I discovered you listed almost all of my top 10 fonts. I also discovered a few new ones so thank you!! Your daughter is adorable.

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    Thank you for sharing all this information. I am new to cards and Scrapbooking, but am reading all the rules of use so I can abide by them. The art involved in theses are amazing.

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