My Favorite Free Dingbat Fonts

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Today I am sharing my favorite FREE dingbat fonts. I use these A LOT when designing my chalkboard and sign templates. 
The image above is just a sampling of each of the fonts. There are a ton of great dingbats in these fonts!

I hope you enjoy them,

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  1. says

    Love these! Just found you on pinterest and think i’ll follow…great stuff! Can you tell me what font that is in the image with the words “dingbat fonts”?

  2. says

    Love these! I have a question though, how do you normally use dingbat fonts? I have a couple installed but I’m not familiar enough with them to remember what pictures they contain let alone which key to use to get them. Any tips for newbies?

  3. says

    Saw you on Pinterest! Some of these are available for commercial use too! I even paid for a commercial license on one of those so I could use them in my printables and birthday invitations. Super super cute fonts. Thanks for the list!

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