Getting More Organized

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This summer has been wonderful. I have enjoyed spending time with my little ones and I will be posting some really fun pictures tomorrow of a little country photo shoot. As Fall is approaching, I am finding myself a little more stressed. It seems that the old schedule is filling up so quickly that I can hardly keep on top of it all. 
I probably should have titled this post “getting my crap together!” I decided that I really needed, to get more organized~ especially with my planner. I am the kind of person who always has a million things going through my mind, and unless I have a plan, I just get more and more stressed. 
My babies are my top priority and I try to schedule a couple of fun things a week for them. Ella will start preschool in a couple weeks and my schedule will just get more packed. This blog is also something I enjoy and love and am so thankful for, but it is a business that helps to contribute to my family’s income. As with any business, it comes with a lot of careful planning and organization.
So I made a plan! I tried out this new little system of mine and it is working pretty well.
Here are my necessities: 
{I had a few things on hand and I picked up a few things while I was at Walgreens}
:: Planner 
::Non bleeding pen
:: Little sticky pads (I prefer the kind that has stick all over the underside instead of just one edge)
:: Bag to hold exras
:: iPhone (program important reminders)

I always purchase the planners that have the full calendar as well as the weekly calendars, so I can create an overview and then put more details on the weekly pages. I got this planner from Target. I LOVE IT and hope they carry them again next year. It is made by Sugar Paper LA.
I started by writing down brief descriptions of everything I had planned on my monthly overview.
Then I color coded everything using the Sharpie Clearview highlighters
::Pink~ Kids
::Orange~ business (blog)
:: Yellow~ Household and other life responsibilities
My sweet friend Blair gave me the cute Pottery Barn “Be Happy” bag for my birthday. Isn’t it adorable?

Once I finished with my monthly overview, I moved on to the weekly. The weekly is where I can add more details, come back and scribble in later, etc. I used the coordinating sticky pad color to make lists, ie. shopping lists, etc. My leftover blue pads I use for personal things for me. 

I am really liking how this is working for me now. And I love that I can quickly glance at my planner and easily see what I am looking for. If I need to find the address to take the kids for a playdate, I just glance at the pink on that date. It makes everything so much clearer, and makes sure nothing gets forgotten. 
Bring it, Fall! 

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