Trick or Treat Halloween Banner | Free Printable

I have something fun for you today! Not just this free printable “Trick or Treat” banner, but 20 more free printables for your Autumn and Halloween decor! All of these talented ladies have created beautiful, easy vignettes and free printables to bring a little of our holiday homes to yours. 
Halloween is one of my very favorite days of the year. Call me crazy, but I love it. And I love to decorate for it. With my softer style, you would think that I would love decorating more for Autumn in general than for Halloween, but I just can’t help myself. I am such a sucker for the vintage Halloween decorations. I even usually put up a Halloween tree using my tinsel tree. I will be sharing bits and pieces of my decor, as well as a full home tour, over the next couple of weeks. 
For today though, I have this fun free printable banner for you! I was inspired by this one that I have always loved from Family Circle:
Trick or Treat garland
And here is mine:
To put the Banner together, you will first need to print off the free banner letters HERE and cut them out. I recommend printing the letters onto cardstock so they are nice and thick. If they curl a little when you cut them out, just lay them flat under a heavy book or platter for a few hours. 
{Tip: they are black and white, so if you would rather take your own cardstock to an office supply or copy store, the prints are usually only a few cents a piece and you don’t have to use up all of your printer ink}
Next, gather some of the black and orange ribbons you have on hand (or whatever Halloween colors you prefer). I used my black and white baker’s twine to hang my banner and I used the rest as accents. 
I just attached the letters to my baker’s twine with paper tape that I had on hand.  

I attached it to the wall and added ribbons to make it a little more fancy and festive. I also added some burnt orange sisal rope to my little canning jar cups with black and white striped straws I had on hand. 

It’s a happy little banner! And it has a lot of punch for very little (or no) cost!

All of these other girls have beautiful vignettes with free printables too! You can create all kinds of gorgeous vignettes in your own homes using these little pieces from ours. The corresponding links to each of these posts is below this graphic. I hope this gets you even more excited for your Fall decor! 

Fall Vignette and Printable by Finding Silver Pennies
Autumn Definition Printable by The Lilypad Cottage
Set of 4 Wine Printables by Eclectically Vintage
Gather Painted Printable by Restoration House
DIY Fall Leaf Wreath Printable by Town and Country Living
Early Fall Vignette Chronicles of Home
Trick or Treat Banner by Ella Claire

Grateful Heart by Making Home Base
Beautiful Glorious Fall Printable by Nest of Posies
  Simple Fall Vignette by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
  Fall Printable and Vignette by At The Picket Fence
  Vintage Flashcard Halloween Printable by My Sweet Savannah
  Hand Painted Give Thanks Wreath by Craftberry Bush
  Pumpkins Pinecones Leaves by Migonis Home
  Autumn Vignette and Fall Printable by AKA Design
  Gather in the Kitchen Printable by Its Overflowing

Aren’t they just gorgeous! These women are so dang talented. I hope you find a little something to add to your home this Fall from this list of freebies.

P.S. Wish me luck as I am probably at home crying since my baby girl starts preschool today! 


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    Kristen, I LOVE this! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I want to use this in my house! Hmmm, maybe for Halloween. That is one of my most favorite holidays because the harbor business open up their shops for the kids to trick or treat. Thanks for organizing such a fun fall tour! x

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    I love it Kristen!! Beautiful and so simple to do! Enjoy every single moment you can of pre-school. Somehow my oldest just started college in August and I swear I’m no where near old enough for that!! The time goes so fast but is so dang fun, so drink it all in and have a blast!!
    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

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      I just signed up for Pinterest eiaerlr this month, and so I “pinned” your printable. Hopefully that will lead more people to your AMAZING website! Happy Friday! :)

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    Love it! I’m trying to create a banner for my daughter’s first birthday. What font did you use? How did you get those patterns (love the pattern for the I)? Gosh, I’m printing this now! so cute!

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