Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

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I love everything about Fall! I especially love the fun things we can harvest from our yard and garden. My babies love to work out in the garden, and check to see what they can pick every single day, so I plant things that have a high yield- zucchini, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and this year these little miniature pumpkins. We had our first little pumpkin harvest a couple of weeks ago and our plant is already producing more “babies.” Ella is so excited.

This Fall Centerpiece is a breeze to put together and looks lovely for any Fall table!

Hydrangeas are also one of my favorite things about the end of Summer/beginning of Fall. I thought combining them would make a fun Fall centerpiece.

If you want to make one, you will need:

A cake stand (I got this one at World Market)

6 or so small pumpkins

a small drinking glass


Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

First, line up your pumpkins on the outside edge of the cake stand

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

Place your small drinking glass, filled with water in the center of the pumpkins.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

Then just add your hydrangeas to the drinking glass until arrangement is nice and full, and completely covering the drinking glass. I chose to leave most of my leaves on the hydrangeas because I loved the way the extra texture and greens looked. This would also be pretty with other types of flowers if you don’t have any hydrangeas available.

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece

I think it would be so pretty to line a long Thanksgiving or Fall wedding table with 3 of these!

You can see the tutorial for my Rustic DIY Candle Holder tomorrow over on Lil’ Luna. I loved the way it looked paired with my arrangement. I love Fall so much!

Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece


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