Details of Our Christmas Tree

Decorating our Christmas tree is one of my very favorite things to do, and it is one that I look forward to with so much excitement and anticipation! 
I absolutely adore flocked trees, and when I got mine 3 years ago, I was in heaven! 
I wanted it to have a very vintage feel, so I decorated it with mercury glass, vintage pictures, ribbons, frosted berries and pinecones, german glass glitter snowflakes and more. 
I added this black and cream striped ribbon this year, and I loved the way it looked with the rest of the ornaments. It is not something I would normally think would match, but I felt the tree definitely needed some black so I tried it out. I really liked the way it looked. 
As I mentioned in my Christmas Home Tour post, I use a few of these jars in my tree holding timer battery operated candles. They give a fun extra glow to the tree~ especially at night. The nice part is that they have timers built in so I never have to worry about turning them on and off. 
This year I added these branches and big faux frosted berries. I think it adds some fun texture to the tree. I had to go to a couple of different Michaels stores just to find enough; They sold out fast!
All throughout the tree, there are various vintage pictures/ postcard images as well as these German glass covered giant skeleton keys. 
Also, there are some of these giant pomegranates. I love the way they look next to the mercury glass. You can see a little bit in this picture {below} these giant snowflakes. I got these at the dollar store. They are huge! I covered them in German glass glitter and Epsom salt inspired by Kristin’s beautiful ornaments {here}. 
I also used them at the top of the tree with other berries and branches

I kept my old door here behind the tree to add texture. I love that it adds just a bit of a darker tone behind the white of the tree. 
I also showed in my home tour post that I used a vintage tablecloth as the tree skirt. I don’t remember where I got this one… just one in my stash :)
I love, love, love vintage linens! 
The music and script thick paper ribbon you see in the tree below is actually one I made a couple years ago. I used long, wide strips of a wrapping paper that I loved. I folded the top and bottom edges over long pieces of floral wire to give it shape-ability and then I backed it with a fabric to give it the fluidity of ribbon. I just used a glue gun to glue the whole thing together.  Then I mod-podged the paper side to give it a little added strength. It just looks like big, long pieces of sheet music and script paper ribbon. 
Well, there you go… a few more pictures and details of my tree… probably a couple hundred more than you ever wanted to see :) 
Makes me smile just to look at it. 
Ahhhh… I just love Christmas.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
P.S. If you have a minute, and a pinterest account, would you vote for my tree!? It is in the Country Living contest… all you have to do is “like” it {click HERE} Thank you!!
P.S.S. Do you notice a sweet little someone in this picture? She likes to climb into her toy cupboard :)  


  1. says

    I am in love. I think you even changed my style!!!! I was into all white and muted colors and I am so in love with your reds and blacks and creams. Dare I say it……. I am being lured into another style. { that’s a big deal}

    Sooooo I lost my Christmas tree last year. Sad story but I won’t bore you with the details. Thank goodness I am spending Christmas with my family this year. However I need to buy a tree for next year. I think I will buy a flocked tree after christmas . *clapping. So excited.

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    Hi Kristen,

    I have been so busy and have not had anytime to blog at all. I am glad I saw this post though, I absolutely love your tree…I finally had a tree skirt made this year along with HUGE stockings for the girls. I will take some pics now that I have filled all of my orders and have sent them off I can finish up my holiday house :)

    Smiles, and Blessings,

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    Oh Kristen… your tree is just beautiful! I’ve enjoyed your last few posts with your Christmas home tour and details… I am envious of your beautiful home and knack for decorating. For some reason I am just not as into it as I usually am… maybe because my daughter moved out and I am an empty nester for the first year EVER :o(

    I voted for you on Pinterest, hope you win!


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    I LOVE your tree! You said you got it three years ago, I’m assuming it’s a fake tree….what brand is it do you remember, been looking on line but they all look fake, yours looks awesome! Love the way you decorated it too’1 Thanks, Teresa

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