and a hand came out of nowhere…

So, today I was taking some pictures for a little guest post I am doing tomorrow for Kristin’s series on Game Day Appetizers over at Simply Klassic. Now, normally when I take pictures, the little munchkin is down for her nap or happily playing with her toys. Today she was a little more underfoot, however happily playing. I took my first picture….
And then, out of nowhere…. an adorable chubby little set of fingers s–l–o–w–l–y reached up and snatched the yummy treat …. : ) 
Sneaky little cutie pie.  
After all of that work, of course I had to let her have it! 
So, I put her in her high chair and let her eat away.

And, boy did she enjoy it! 

I think she knows how cute she is. 
And I am so glad.
If you want to see the recipe for my yummy {easy!} appetizer, head on over to Simply Klassic tomorrow.
And…. TOMORROW is my blog’s one year birthday!! 
So, I will be having a really fun giveaway! 
~I will be posting it in the afternoon TOMORROW~ 


  1. says

    Such cute pictures! My girls always seem to want to help with my “photo shoots” especially when food is involved (smile) and my oldest daughter likes to help “style”… she’ll change something and say, “Take a picture of it like this!”

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