Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Cute "Ella"-phant

Happy Halloween from a cute little "Ella"-phant!
(I don't have the best aim taking pictures with my cell phone- haha)

I was a butterfly {you can't see it very well, but I am wearing a black dress and boots, and huge, black, sparkly butterfly wings} and Ella was an adorable "Ella"-phant. 

She learned today that she likes candy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

An Autumn Tablescape

While my sisters were visiting, I talked them in to creating a fun little Autumn vignette and tablescape with me out at my parents' house.

My sister, Devan, is a professional photographer {she is amazing- visit her here} and she let me play stylist while she took pictures and I can't wait to see them! These are just a few of the pictures that I took alongside her.

I love picking her brain to learn new tips and tricks!

I am a warm colors girl. I think that is why I love fall so much.

Warm colors are so comforting.


Recognize this?
I pulled my sign {tutorial here} out there- just for fun.

I included various gourds, strawberry corn, persimmons, and cranberries for added warmth and color.
Most of the furniture and antiques are my mom's. She is used to me doing crazy things {and stealing stuff}. Thanks mom!

And, of course pie! Marionberry and apple. Yum.

I think persimmons are really pretty. This is the first time I had ever tried one. They taste juicy and so sugary sweet. I think it makes a place setting special when there is a little something there for each person.

We started taking pictures at dusk and as the sun went down, the candles began to glow even more.

Climbing up this hill leads back to the house. 
We like to go sledding here when it snows!
This was a really fun place to grow up.

Nice wide open spaces.  

I helped to plant these poplar trees while I was in college about 12 years ago. 
It is so peaceful and lovely down here in this grove. I think it is between 1-2 acres of just trees. 

I am really excited for Thanksgiving now!

What is your favorite thing to include in an Autumn Tablescape?

Friday, October 26, 2012

What I've Been Up to...

Hello friends! 
I have missed you!

I took a much needed little break to rest, heal {see here}, clean my house, play with Ella {of course, my favorite}, and get caught up on other life things. 

And, you know what? It felt really good. 

Every once in a while I think it is important to just give ourselves permission unplug, relax, refocus, and rejuvenate. 

Yesterday I set up a fun little fall vignette to photograph with my sister. She is a professional photographer and is so very talented. I can't wait to see the pictures she took. We had a lot of fun.

I will be posting a bunch more of the pictures I took on Monday! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Hello friends! 

Before I share some pictures I snapped during our visit to the pumpkin patch over the weekend, I wanted to thank so many of you for your kind words on my last post. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the kindness and love that you have shown me during this time. I can't even express how much it means to me. 

My heart broke for/with so many of you as you expressed your own feelings and losses. I feel truly blessed to be buoyed up by such strong, sincere, loving and incredible women. Truly, thank you.

Our trip out to the pumpkin patch was so fun. Ella enjoyed it a little more this year than she did last year.  

She had LOTS to say!

She told her daddy about all of the things she saw, and she talked to everyone-- whether they were listening or not. 

This cutie pie has quite the little personality! 

At this farm, they have great hayrides that wind through the corn field (where they also have a corn maze) and take you out to the different pumpkin patches. I love Idaho.

We snuggled closely together on our hay bale and enjoyed the ride. 

They had so many fun types of pumpkins and gourds. 

I love heirloom pumpkins! I have a dream of someday having a little pumpkin patch with all kinds of fun pumpkin varieties.

Ella liked the pumpkins, too. Her Daddy helped her pick one out.

But, I think her favorite part was riding around on her daddy's shoulders.

The most wonderful husband and daddy in the world. 

And yes, she does have him wrapped around her little finger!

 It was kind of fun to watch people load up their massive pumpkins-- most of them a lot bigger than these.

I can't think of a better way to spend a fall day!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Miscarriage~ Finding the Beauty

This little angel girl has been a light to us in the last few weeks.
She is so fun and sweet and warm... and the biggest blessing in our life together.

I was going through, and pulling, some of my favorite pictures, and was completely overwhelmed with the way the Lord has blessed us. 

The past couple of months have been a roller coaster of emotions for us as we found out we were expecting a new little one, only to find out that we lost the pregnancy. Again.

Anyone who has had a miscarriage can attest to the toll it takes on a person both physically and emotionally. This one seemed to be more drawn out than the one I had before Ella. 

I think it is hard for people to understand who haven't experienced it. I guess you never know what a person struggles with, or how a person feels unless you have been there yourself. 

Recently, I was hanging out with a dear friend who is also pregnant, and it was so hard for me to listen to her worries about gaining weight during her pregnancy when I was so devastated with my own loss. 

It has taken me a bit to process the loss. 
Life can be so hard and sad sometimes.

But isn't that the point of experiencing trials in this life?
To soften our hearts, to help us know how to succor others, to bring us closer to God, to humble us, to make us thankful for our blessings. 

Today, I am overwhelmed with the beauty in my life. 

Life is sad sometimes, but it is also so full of joy.
It is painful, but so fulfilling.
It is hard, but beautiful. 

If we choose to see the beauty.

I am thankful for an imperfect body which has blessed me with my perfect, beautiful angel girl.
I am thankful for that dear friend who has been so supportive in so many ways.
I am thankful for the care and concern of loved ones.

I am thankful for my sweet little family, even if it never gets any bigger.
I have faith that the Lord will bless us with the family we are supposed to have.

I am thankful for the little girl who picks my nose while I say nighttime prayers with her.
I am thankful for her inquisitive little nature and bright smile.
I am thankful for the joy she brings to my heart every single day.

I love being a mommy to my Ella Claire.

As much as I never want anything sad to ever happen to her, 
I hope that when it does she will choose to see beauty.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Book Page Pumpkins

I participated in a Halloween "Boo-tique" last weekend and I made up a bunch of these book page pumpkins that I am excited to share with you. 

They are super easy to make. I just grabbed a bunch of these foam pumpkins from the dollar store. 

Then I lightly sprayed them with the cheapest white spray paint I could find. I did this to make sure that none of the orange would show through once I applied the book pages.

Then I used Mod Podge to apply the book pages to the entire pumpkin. Once it was all covered, I glittered the stem using Martha Stewart glitter adhesive and glitter {my favorite!}.

I then embellished each of the pumpkins with ribbons, sheet music pinwheels {Tutorial Here}, leaves {also from the dollar store}, and more glitter! That was the fun part. 

I think book pages look so perfect with Halloween decor because of their black and cream coloring. 

My favorite kind of books to use are old encyclopedias and dictionaries because their words are nice and tight together. But, really, any books will work.  

What a fun and inexpensive way to add to Halloween decor!