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“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® Pop Secret and Fox Entertainment, but all my ideas, opinions, and my recipe are my own. #pmedia  #PopForRio2

While the kids were napping, I threw together a fun little family movie night, including a yummy popcorn treat, and the new Rio 2 movie that I picked up while I was at Walmart.  We love to have fun little nights in together as a family, and I love to make them special. The look on Ella’s face was so precious when she saw her little vintage tent all ready for her!  
First, I threw together my recipe for delicious Movie Night Popcorn Crispy Treats. The microwave popcorn makes them super quick to prepare. You can find a coupon for the Pop Secret at Walmart {HERE} while supplies last. 
These popcorn crispy treats are so perfectly sweet and salty and are so easy to whip up. You can play around with adding different candies. I used our family movie favorites~ Junior Mints, Red Vines, and M&Ms. I think they turned out to be really, really delicious! 
Movie Night Popcorn Crispy Treats 
1 stick butter
16 oz bag mini marshmallows
1 full bag + 6 cups of popped Pop Secret Butter popcorn 
your favorite movie theater candy
Pop your Pop Secret Butter popcorn. Prepare the popcorn by making sure to remove all of the unpopped kernels. I do this by transferring the popcorn from one bowl to another with my fingers. The kernels fall to the bottom of the bowl. I Repeat one more time just to make sure I got all of them. 
To prepare your marshmallow mixture, combine the butter and marshmallows following the technique I shared here. This technique is the best way to ensure soft and delicious treats. 
Add popcorn to the marshmallow mixture, folding instead of mixing. Press into greased 13×9 pan. Sprinkle with your favorite movie candy. Cut into squares and enjoy!

Ella loves to hang out in her little vintage tent that I made for her a couple years ago {HERE} while she watches movies. I don’t blame her! I would love a tent to hang out in too! 
I think it is the easy details that make moments a little extra special. And they don’t have to be complicated at all! A special little spot with things gathered from around the house, a treat you can just throw together, and a fun new movie really makes for a special family night together! 
Even Peyton snuck his way in to hang out with his sister! They melt me. 

I love spending time with my little family. These faces.
Now, I am curious! What are your favorite movie night treats?


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    This is amazing! We are all about movie nights at our house, too. Lately we’ve been reading old classics and watching the Disney movie afterwards—Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, etc. It’s been so fun to see my toddler putting the two together!! Great job with the family night, mama!

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