A Vintage Inspired Wedding: Part Two

Paul and Lindsey were beaming after their ceremony!
The coctail hour and reception were just as adorable as the ceremony.
Lindsey thought of every detail. I really loved this chalkboard sharing their love story.
{Aren’t the love birds cute}
I made her bouquet out of pale pink and white Peonies, bound with burlap and pearls. Peonies really are the most beautiful flowers in the world. I had a hard time not wanting to just keep them all to myself! But they looked so lovely with Lindsey’s beautiful dress.
On all of the coctail tables, I arranged bouquets of stock {ordered}, snowballs from a neighbor’s yard, and greens from my yard.
The whole wedding was a mix of ordered flowers {Ranunculus, Football Mums, Hypericum, Stock, Baby’s Breath, Lisianthus} and garden flowers {Peonies, Snowballs, random blossoming branches} which I thought made it very charming.
By the way, snowballs are my 2nd favorite flower. Maybe it is silly, but when the peonies and snowballs come out in the spring, I am so filled with joy! There is something about them that just makes me happy.
This wedding was at the old train depot- a local landmark. The ceremony was out on the lawn and the reception was inside the station. It is one of the most charming places in town! It has the most beautiful architecture, and original features, wood benches, and signs.
It was the perfect place for their beautiful vintage inspired wedding.
{On a side note, I am really frustrated that my pictures don’t do this beautiful wedding justice! The only photography class I have ever taken was 13 years ago in high school… back when we used film and a darkroom… and I just started taking pictures again. So, I am trying really hard to learn how to work my camera, but in situations like this where I am trying to hurry, and there is ambient lighting, I struggle : / I can’t wait for my class!}

Anyhow… Lindsey had used a lot of adorable chalkboards all around the room.
This is the top of one of the depot benches.
She ordered this cute “Just Married” banner from etsy and 
grew succulents in these mugs that I thought were also really cute.
There were also my pinwheels scattered all along the head table.
and strung in other spots (horrible picture, but you get the idea…)
I arranged a cluster of four small arrangements for half of the guest tables, all in canning jars.
One jar had the stock and snowballs, like the coctail tables. One had a bunch of baby’s breath and greens, another had Hypericum (green and berry-like) and greens, and the last one had blossoming tree branches.
Lindsey made these adorable burlap table runners and chalk painted table number blocks.
Ella did her part to eat her baby food so we could have the jars for candles. 
My little sweetheart was happy to help. : )
On the alternating tables, I used blossoming branches and football mums in tall cylindrical vases.
How is it possible for one buiding to be so charming?
I love all of the original fixtures and woodwork!
In the back, here, you can see where she used one of my chalkboards {made from an old cabinet door} to write the drink menu, and next to it you can see the beautiful cupcakes table.
Oh.my.goodness. They were SO good!
I had barely missed dinner because I had to sneak out to feed Ella, so I jumped on the cupcakes as soon as they cut the cake! I was starving because I have a really bad habit of not eating all day when I do things like this! But, I don’t think that was the only reason they were so good.
I put three canning jar flower arrangements on each of the depot benches, and the whole room looked very lively with all of the flowers.
Lindsey used my old vintage ladder to clothespin her guests’ seating cards and I thought that was a really cute idea.
Next to it, we stacked a little tower of my vintage suitcases with the ‘cards’ banner as a place for guests to put their cards when they walked in the door.
I will be putting together a tutorial for this banner soon, including where I found these printable letters.
It has been so fun to see how happy Paul has been ever since he met Lindsey!
He absolutely adores her.
We are so happy for them.
I don’t think I have ever seen a cuter couple
or a more adorable wedding.


  1. says

    Just found your blog at Common Ground, and I love it. You are so talented. What a beautiful and loved little one you have. Do you need another grandma in Florida? If so, I am applying. She is so lucky to have the parents she does.

  2. says

    I just adore everything you did! The ladder with the place cards and clothespins. And that vintage suitcase with the banner for the cards …

    If I had my wedding to do over I would absolutely be adding some really personal, made-by-me touches …



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