The Inspiration Exchange No. 12 and Weekly Recap

I’m so sorry I got the party up late tonight! My sweet baby girl fell and split her lip this afternoon, and she is teething on top of it… so she is one poor miserable baby! Thank goodness she didn’t need stitches. We have done lots of snuggling and eaten lots of popsicles tonight! 
I can’t wait to see what you all have been up to!
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    I’m SO sorry to hear about Ella’s mishap. That happened to one of my little ones at a wedding reception once, and we ended up in the ER. It was pretty traumatic all around. I hope she is all better soon. I’ve been thinking about you all summer in this awful heat we’ve had. What a summer to be pregnant, right? It sounds like you’re feeling a bit better. Yay! Here’s to a great fall! Thanks for hosting your party, Kristen, and enjoy the rest of your week.

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