My Top 16 Favorite Free Scripty Fonts

Happy Monday!
Today, I thought I would share my top 16 favorite free scripty fonts with you.
I wasn’t planning on sharing this for a while, at the risk that you are all fonted out {yes, I know ‘fonted’ isn’t a real word….. or ‘scripty’} but we have been sick for the past several days so I thought I would share it a bit early. 
I love fonts. Love, love them. I mostly use them to design chalkboard templates and invitations. But, really, I love any excuse to add new fun {especially free} fonts to my library. I hope you enjoy this round-up!
1. Janda Elegant Handwriting {here} 2. Miama {here} 3. Odstemplik {here
4. Janda Celebration {here} 5. Indenture English Penman {here} 6. Voluptate {here
7. Promocyja {here} 8. Suilly La Tour {here} 9. Some Weatz {here} 10. Belphebe {here
11. Adine Kirnberg {here} 12. Wisdom Script {click here} 13. Freebooter Script {here
14. Janda Stylish Script {here} 15. Handwriting {here} 16. Sh## Happens {here}
** Please be respectful and abide by each font’s terms of use. Some are free only for personal use**


I will be back tomorrow with some fun vintage Valentine’s Day decor <3
I am off to snuggle my sweet little snotty-nosed girl. 


P.S. You can see my previous post with my top 16 favorite free fonts {HERE}, 
and My Top 16 favorite Free Fonts for Valentines {HERE}.


  1. says

    Beautiful fonts, Kristen! Thanks for sharing them. I have a lot of fonts on my Windows Operating System that I don’t use, and it seems like it takes forever to look through them for the one I do want. Do you ever delete any standard fonts that came loaded on your computer, or do you think that’s asking for trouble? You’re a sort of “font” expert, so I thought you might know. :) Thanks!

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