Jute Twinkle Light Shade Tutorial

I promised I would post a tutorial on how I made these little jute twinkle light shades that I used to decorate my sister’s baby shower, here. I layered my hanging decorations with these, the big bulb lights, and a vintage pennant banner, so it was fun to have all of the different textures.

They are pretty easy to make, but first you need to gather your supplies.

You will need:
~a glue gun
~white PLASTIC Dixie cups
{paper ones aren’t strong enough~ I found mine at Walmart}
~double braided jute twine
{I found mine at a thrift store in a big bag}
~a knife
~a pair of scissors

First, take your white PLASTIC Dixie cup {I found mine at Walmart} and place them upside down. Carefully cut an ‘X’ in the flat part with your knife.

Shoot a thick bead of hot glue around the rim of the base of your cup, outside of where you cut the ‘X,’ and begin to coil your double braided jute twine.

Continue adding glue and coiling your twine until you cover your entire cup. I decided I like the look of them better when I add an additional row past where the plastic ends.

Snip off your edge and glue it down.

I used an old strand of Christmas lights that I had on hand. If I had more time I think I would have wrapped it with brown floral tape as well. I didn’t put a shade on every light; I spaced them with three twinkle lights in between. Just push that little shade right over the little bulb base and the ‘X’ you cut, will grab it and hold it in place.

Overall, I like the texture and masculinity they added to the party decor {she’s having a boy} and I think it will be fun to use these for other things as well!

This same technique works with regular, thin jute twine and Elmer’s glue. Wrap it around the cup, ensuring your rows are close together, and use plenty of glue. Once dry, the twine shade pops right off of the plastic cup and you can put it right onto the twinkle lights. It doesn’t let the light shine through the shade as well as the double braided jute twine, but it is still really cute. : )

Thanks for reading, and Happy Monday!


  1. says

    Great idea and I even own a string of lights that have brown cording!! YESSSS!!
    Thank you so much for the easy tutorial..they will soon make an appearance on my back (covered) porch!

  2. says

    These lights have such a lovely outdoorsy feel to them. Am definitely gonna try them soon on my own porch! :)
    Just one question though. Does the light shine through well, through the dixie cups? And if I pop the dixie cups off, will the twine still retain the shape?

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