It Snowed! and Our Front Porch

I love waking up to a layer of freshly fallen snow. I love the way it leaves a nice little dusting on everything. 
We went to a Christmas breakfast this morning, and when we got home, I was hoping to get a few pictures of Ella in the snow. Well, that is the ONLY one she would let me take! She screamed and screamed!
She was more than ready for her nap, however, so we will try it again a little later. 
I love to draw and oil paint and when I see so much beauty around me, I think that this must be God’s way of painting a beautiful picture for us. 
I had hung wreaths on all of my outside windows and I love the way they look dusted with snow. 
This is my view directly across the street. My cute neighbor has this little gate with antique doors going into her backyard, and I Think it looks so fun and festive right now.
I decorated our porch a little bit. We don’t have a huge porch, so I just put a few things out there. 
{Yes, that is a Boise State door mat. What can I say… he lets me decorate the whole house… I guess he can have his door mat :)}
I put my sign out there {Click Here to see tutorial} with some fresh tree clippings.
I love the red and black plaid flannel on the inside of these skates! 
And, who doesn’t love a fun, old sled!?
The flocked garland above the door looks a lot like our Christmas tree.
I had hoped to show you pictures of my tree and our mantel yesterday, but I lost my camera’s SD card and spent the whole day looking for it! I really don’t know how it got out of the camera, or where the heck I put it. I am just hoping I didn’t throw it away! 
I will probably have to take more pictures, and when I do, I will post them for you to see :)
Well, I am going to take Ella outside to play in the snow! 
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. says

    It looks magical and the porch is darling. I love the Christmas tree sign. I hope things are going well and that your feeling better. I just had a miscarriage this week. This is my 5th miscarriage and its still very difficult to recover from……

  2. says

    So pretty, Kristen! I loved your pictures, it sure looks like Christmas. We are still in the mid 70’s, 76 to be exact right now, and we can NOT wait for a little change in the weather. It does not feel like Christmas in Texas!

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