How to Make Homemade Grilled Pizza on Your Stove Top!

I really, really love grilled pizza, but I don’t always love firing up the grill and standing out in the heat to make it. Especially since our grill is scary and old and I feel like I am going to burn down my house every time I use it. So, I figured out how to make grilled pizzas indoors on my stove top! It is a win-win since I don’t have to turn on the oven either! And it is really yummy, if I do say so myself!
If you would like to make your own, just follow these steps. You can adjust these directions for any of your favorite combinations. I usually love to load mine up with fresh garden veggies and it is absolutely delicious! 
First, roll out your favorite pizza dough on a lightly greased surface {I usually buy homemade wheat pizza dough from our local grocery store’s bakery}. 
 Warm a good, large, frying pan on medium heat. 
Rub olive oil on the top side of your dough. If I had one of those fancy brushes, I would use it here.
Flip your dough over onto the surface of your pan so the oiled part is facing down and turn your burner down to a lower temp. I keep mine between 2 and 3. The lower and slower you cook it, the crispier {YUM!} it will be.
Spread olive oil on the top of your dough. 
When the dough looks golden brown on the bottom, flip it over. 
Spread your pizza sauce {or you can be creative and use alfredo, more olive oil and garlic, BBQ sauce, etc.} and any herbs or seasonings onto your crust. 
Then add your toppings and cheese. Again, the possibilities here are endless! 
For this pizza, I just used turkey pepperoni and mozzarella. 
Put a lid on your pan and cook until the bottom of your crust is golden and your cheese is melted. 
And you’re finished!
It may not be as fancy as a real grilled pizza, but it is really yummy, and super easy to make! 
Now you can have pizza whenever you want! It is so quick and easy, which means it is my kind of recipe!  
Now, out of curiosity, what are your favorite pizza topping combinations? I am working on a blog post with some of my favorites, and I would love to try some new ones!
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  1. says

    Grilled pizza…it sounds very new to my ears!! Here in Italy we make fried pizza, small pizzas(3-4 bites at least) topped, once they are yet ready, with tomato sauce ( a long cooked sauce with tomato, onion, garlic, oil, salt and bunch of fresh basil), parmiggiano and more basil leaves… Yummy…. they are delicious!!

  2. says

    I’ve got a very weird favorite toppings combo. I’m not a huge fan of meat on pizza, so in college I set out to find a tasty combination that didn’t involve any meat. I ended up settling on jalapeno and pineapple! Sweet and spicy and super yummy, if unusual :)

  3. says

    OK..Now I’m hungry for pizza..Can’t help with toppings..I’m an “extra cheese and easy on the sauce” gal…Maybe pineapple and cheese…

  4. says

    Umm.. okay, Kristen.. WOW! This looks so good! I can’t wait to try this! What a fabulous idea! The girls will have fun with this one too! Okay, I am head over heals in love with the creamy garlic sauce.. it’s more of an olive oil base, with tastes of Parm and Garlic.. so delish! And with feta, roma tomatoes, spinach, Italian seasonings, and I always add a little pineapple to mine.. So good! Try it!

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