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23 of us have been hard at work gathering great gift ideas for the holidays! If you can think of a category, chances are, we’ve got it covered! I don’t know about you, but sometimes when it comes to picking out gifts, I freeze. It is so hard to think on the spot… which is where this fun guide comes in so handy!

I love throwing Christmas parties, and I love attending them as well, so the topic I chose was hostess gifts! This is perfect for those parties you will be attending, as well as for those ladies in your life that love to entertain. There is a little something in every price range as well.

And, the icing on the cake… Every single one of us is offering a different giveaway today! I hope you will get to visit every blog and enter to win each giveaway!

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So here are my picks for awesome hostess gifts!

Hostess Gifts Holiday Gift Guide

1. Cable Knit Throw (I also love to get my throws at HomeGoods and Marshalls)

2. Meyer Lemon Cleaners 

3. Gourmet Treats

4. Custom thank you tags from Minted. These would make a great gift by themselves or they are perfect to personalize your gifts!

5. Godiva Hot Chocolate

6. Christmas Towels 7. Fabric Wrapped Soaps (Or get some fun soaps and wrap them in fabric yourself!)

8. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A year of Holidays Cookbook

9. Mercury Glass Votive Candleholder

10. Nesting Stoneware Measuring bowls 

11. Slate Cheese Board 

12. Personalized Apron

13. Whisk Set  I think it is so fun to get new kitchen gadgets

14. Wrap your favorite Christmas treat with this customizable recipe wrapping paper from Minted (stay tuned for my version!)

15. Fruit Infusing Water Bottle  Fruit infused water is so delicious! It feels so fancy.

16. Lotus Pitcher

17. These adorable Christmas candles from Paddywax

Did I miss anything?

A big Thank you to Minted for the $75 credit! I LOVE Minted, and whoever is the lucky winner will have a blast using their credit!
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  1. Sandy A says

    My very favorite gifts are handmade and from the heart–like the pictures our Grandchildren draw for us. I just love to have these beautiful pieces of art and love. More precious than anything else…

  2. Nikki says

    I like to give either handmade items or things that I have put a lot of thought into that specifically suit the person I am gifting it to.

  3. Lauren says

    I love to give gifts that are very personal to the person receiving the gift. If I don’t know enough about the person I like to give a themed gift that I think matches their personality based on the little I know. :)

  4. Susie says

    I love giving friends a holiday gift bag full of my some of my favorite holiday items including beautiful Christmas napkins, holiday candies, cute notepads, monogrammed notepad for each and a Nest “Holiday” scented candle.

  5. says

    I love to give something very personal.When I am talking to someone, no matter when during the year, if they mention something they like, I try to write it down and/or pin it so when the holidays come up, I have the perfect gift ideas ready.

  6. Ashley Whisenant says

    I like to receive gift cards to restaurants or the movies so that we can enjoy them for date nights for the next year!

  7. Nicole Dz says

    My favorite type of gift to give & receive at Christmas is anything coffee related. Like a coffee maker, coffee gift card, or a mug set.

  8. Melanie F says

    I love giving/getting really special customized gifts… maybe something with their babies/families names on it! Those are always the best!

  9. grammygoodwill says

    My favorite type of gift to give is one that shows the care and time I’ve put into finding it for my friend. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway.

  10. Leslie says

    I love being able to find handmade items that are personal to the receiver. Pillows are great for newly wed couple to find something fun but whimsical that both people will love and enjoy!

  11. DAWN RENEE' says

    I love to give gifts that are from my heart and are perfect for the recipient. I love to give more than receive just to make people happy.

  12. Amy says

    These are such great ideas! I would love to receive any of them and will certainly be giving a few away this holiday season!

  13. says

    Love the nesting measuring cups! Those would be well-used in my kitchen! For a pop of color, I would also love to see a cute set of tea towels (I love these) under the tree this year!

  14. Alina says

    My son and I always take a photo with Santa and gift it to my mom (his grandmother). The smile on her face is priceless.

  15. Beth R says

    I love to give personal gifts to each person. I hate giving gift cards, but would rather pick our something personal or make something special to that person

  16. kristen mcclary says


  17. sarah page says

    I love finding the unique gift that makes someone know I care about them. I love watching them open it up and being so happy!

  18. Traci says

    My favorite gift to give is something sentimental, or something that I know the gift receiver has been eyeing for a while. :]

  19. Nicole says

    I love giving gifts that are hard to find, unique, and have a lot of thought behind them. For each person, it’s most definitely different!

  20. Caitlin R says

    I like giving a gift with a diy touch even if it’s store bought. Something like a handmade tag attached or an embellishment

  21. Michele P says

    for those hard to buy people, a gift card is great. I also like to receive gift cards and things made by my children or grandkids and sweets are always welcome since I love anything chocolate.

  22. april says

    I love doing “my favorite things” gift baskets. That way you’re giving items you already know are great and that you think others will also enjoy. I especially like to include things from small and/or local businesses.

  23. Angela says

    I love to give out baked goods at Christmas to our friends and family. I get the joy of baking, and they get the joy of eating :)

  24. Ashley Eaton says

    I honestly love to get candles for Christmas! Or really anything that makes my home smell fresh and cozy! I love to give scarfs and fancy body wash to my girlfriends.

  25. Pam Sohan says

    I love to give gifts that show I really thought about what to get the person, thatI listened to what they like and love.

  26. shanna Uptergrove says

    Love giving gift cards!! As long as I know that person would use it and take me with them of course haha!! Spending time together is awesome. I also love gifting handmade goodies like cookies!

  27. Bridget Heiple Reich says

    I love Kate Spade and would be happy with anything from that brand under my tree! :) I think my sister and I are going together to get my mom and dad an IPad for Christmas! :)

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