Handmade Vintage Snowflake Ornament

I have been a busy bee for the past couple of weeks making things for a boutique and an antique shop’s open house! 
This year, I made a few different kinds of ornaments and I will be sharing two of them over the next couple of days. 
I used vintage book pages to make my pinwheels and I embellished them with {my favorite stuff on earth!} German Glass Glitter. 
There is nothing quite as sparkly and vintage-y and lovely as German Glass Glitter. 
And it compliments vintage book pages so well! 
The glitter and the tinsel are so sparkly in person.  
I will definitely be using this combination again in the future! 

There is something so fun about making {vintage-y} Christmas tree ornaments! 
~I made a couple extra that I will have available in the Shoppe~


  1. says

    The snowflakes are so cute! Great job! I just bought German glass glitter for the first time and I love it! Where do you get yours from? If you don’t mind me asking… :)

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