French Toast Pops~ The Perfect Brunch Food

Today, I wanted to share a fun take on a classic recipe. I LOVE french toast. I actually lived off of it in college during some points! I love these French Toast Pops because they are so fun to make and are perfect for brunches, and holiday or birthday breakfasts. With all of the different shaped cookie cutters out there, the possibilities are endless! 
{I think it would be such a fun thing to do to serve these at a brunch with different kinds of syrups, powdered sugar, and fresh fruit… I need to do that!}
So, if you want to make some of these French Toast Pops, here is a little tutorial for you. They are easy, and so fun. 
First, I used actual cinnamon swirl french toast bread which is nice and thick. You could also use the Texas Toast bread which has the same thickness. 
Next, grab a cookie cutter. I had this huge, fun flower on hand that was the perfect size for my bread, not leaving many scraps at all. Press down firmly, making sure you actually cut through the bread. 

Cut out as many as you need. Tip: I made a bunch of extras so I could pop them in the freezer for later. 

Grab your lollipop sticks and gently stick it through your bread. I picked a spot where the most possible bread would be on the stick.. from one petal all the way across and through another petal. 

Next, mix up your favorite french toast egg mix in a shallow dish. I used a pie plate. I don’t really follow a recipe. I just whisk together a few eggs with a splash of milk and a little splash of vanilla. If I had to guess exact measurements, I would say it is probably 3 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla. 

Cook both sides on a a medium heat griddle until cooked through. I had mine at about 250 degrees.

…and serve with warm syrup! My favorite is boysenberry. Yum!
Tip: If you are making a lot of these for a big group of people (brunch, party, etc), you can keep them warm on a cookie sheet, covered in foil, in a warm oven. 

Ella LOVED them. She thought dipping them into syrup was so fun. Sorry, I didn’t get her dressed or do her hair for you :) We just finished swimming, and, well… that’s how we roll. 
P.S. Have you seen these awesome Pancake Pops over at Number 2 Pencil?
Pancake Pops

Thanks for reading! 

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