Fabulous Free Festive Christmas Fonts

I am trying to get most of my holiday projects out of the way before this little one makes his debut. I love paper crafting for Christmas and creating everything from gift tags to cards to ornaments. I thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas fonts with any of you who are starting your projects early too! 
1. Lavanderia {here}
2. Santa’s Sleigh {here}
3. Contribute {here}
4. Christmas Tree {here}
5. St Nicholas {here}
6. Freebooter Script {here}
7. Christmas Cheer {here}
8. Hultog Snowdrift {here}
9. Chalk Hand Lettering {here}
10. Always Here {here}
11. Xmas tfb Christmas {here}
12. Holly & Berrie {here}
13. FoglihtenNo01 {here}
14. Janda Cheerful Script {here}
15. Xiomara {here}
16. Happy New One {here}
Please be respectful and abide by each font’s terms of use. Some are only free for personal use.

{tip: On the Lost Type site, you can choose to donate any amount you wish in exchange for the font. If you put $0 in the box, you get it for free. It is up to you}

Don’t worry, I will be back with a few more fall projects and decor! I am loving this beautiful crisp Autumn air!

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  1. says

    Those are great! I always pin your font collections so I can use them later :)

    Can’t wait to meet your newest little one. I have to say, I can’t imagine anything more fun than a big sissy with a little brother. That’s the order my kiddos are in, and they absolutely adore each other. And just wait for the fun of a little boy. I was totally blown away with how sweet boys can be, after being so obsessed with my sweet girl!

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