Ella’s Nightstand- Before and After

Hello friends! It has finally cooled a little here and has now settled into the 80’s and 90’s! It is sad when 90 degrees feels cooler. I can’t believe how hot this summer had been here. It has broken all kinds of records, and this pregnant girl is ready for the crisp Fall air! Honestly, if a snow storm blew in right now, I would do a happy dance :).
I shared this project last month on Jennifer Rizzo’s blog and I wanted to share it here as well for anyone who missed it! It is a little makeover I did on a nightstand that I got for only $5 at a yard sale! When I saw this baby, I snatched her up quickly!
It is a little hand built piece that is SO sturdy! All of the drawers are perfect and I knew it would be so pretty with a coat of paint. And it is a great size for Ella’s new room that I am working on right now. I got her a big antique iron bed and I think this will be perfect next to it. 
Here she is with her new coat of paint:

I am trying to find some cute vintage knobs online, but in the meantime I just spray painted the old ones to hold us over. 
I know it looks like the top is dusty, but it is just the worn finish. I am thinking about maybe painting the top too, but I think I will wait to see what it looks like in the finished room. 

I love that it is bigger than a traditional nightstand. I think it will be great storage for my little sweetie pie. 

I just love to breath new life into old pieces!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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    So excited to see the finale room! You did a great job on the night stand, I love it! By the way.. I so enjoy your blog.. I’m always looking to see what you post next! Hope it cools down for you a bit more because I know that has to be miserable for anyone let alone a prego mommy!
    thanks again!
    – teachinaandfairskin.blogspot.com

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