Easy and Adorable Easter Candy Carrots

I have been working away, getting ready for The Home Depot patio style challenge. Of course that means many trips to The Home Depot for supplies. While I was in the paint section, I saw this perfectly mossy green colored paper and I knew I wanted to do something fun with it for Easter. It is a really nice and thin weight, and very inexpensive. It was under $3 and I think it was a 50 yard roll.
I decided it would be perfect for these cute little carrots, and of course I have a tutorial to share! These are so easy to make that you could assembly line the process and make a bunch of them. You could give them as gifts or even decorate them. They would also be perfect for Easter baskets. 
First, you will need to gather up your supplies:
*Orange candy~ I used some Reeses Pieces that I found that were all orange, but I think orange jelly beans or orange M&Ms would be fun
*Mossy green colored masking paper roll~ in The Home Depot paint department. 
*Ribbon or twine
*Clear piping bags (for decorating cakes)
Start by holding your bag open in one hand.

Fill about halfway with your orange candies. 

Go up about 3 inches higher than the candy and cut off the excess. Set aside.

Unroll a length of your mossy green paper and cut off approximately 1 foot.

Fold it in half lengthwise, and make long cuts all along the non-folded edge to create a fringe.

Tie your piping bag off and trim back the string. I used twine for this.

Begin tightly wrapping the folded side of your fringe around the top of your piping bag. It should overlap a few times. 

Tie it off with your cute ribbon and you’re done! 

On another note, isn’t this vintage terra cotta pot I found so adorable!? I love it!
I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! 


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    I absolutely loved this idea. I would NEVER have thought to use clear decorating bags. I paid dearly for store bought versions of this when my kids were little. I can’t wait to make them for Easter. Thank you, so much.

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