Bonus Room Before Pictures :)

We purchased a set of couches from my brother a couple of weeks ago for our bonus room. He was needing couches that were bigger, and I liked the scale of these for our attic bonus room. They practically look brand new. I don’t think that I would have picked out this dark of a color if I had picked them out myself. But, once I started to play around with accessories, I really liked them. I think they will hold up really nicely with our munchkin because this is our “family room” and her play space is up here as well. 
I bought these big creamy pillows from Pottery Barn and I absolutely love them. They are a type of knit and so comfy and soft. I also taped a bunch of botanicals to the wall above the couch to see how they looked in the room. I think I will probably end up using them in here somehow. This is my process for decorating. I have to see things all together to see if they look right. I keep doing this until I get the look I want. 
Those ugly chairs by the window are ones I picked up at a thrift store over the summer. I will be reupholstering them at some point. The 1980’s fabric is not really my favorite {but they are SO comfy!}. I am thinking a nice creamy white washable custom slipcover will be perfect. Now I just have to make them… 
I also purchased these vintage Italian military pillow cases from Etsy and I like the way they look with the couch. I think it softens it up quite a bit. The pieces are coming together.
I also found a couple of great accessories to make the big white space up there a bit more homey. I found this awesome floor lamp at Pottery Barn on clearance. It originally cost $350 and I got it for $60! I LOVE finding a good deal… especially one this pretty. It just has a small crack in the wood on the back side, but I don’t mind it at all. It kind of just adds to the rustic look. 
I also found this big, fun basket at TJ Maxx for extra blankets and pillows. I think it will add great texture and warmth to the space. {I obviously didn’t stage these photos very well… or not at all… as you can see by one of Ella’s toys there… hahaha ;)} 
Well, that is what I have so far. I am excited to keep working on it… layer by layer. 
And, of course I will continue to share it as I go! 


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    I think that’ll come together beautifully! I just thrifted a perfect old wing back chair that I’m going to slip cover with some canvas drop cloths. Honestly, I’ve been shocked by how lovely that material is after it’s been machine washed and dried. Amazing texture with a nice creamy color. Oh, and cheap, too! (I think the 8oz ones from Lowes are the nicest.)

    Also, HOLY COW, I can’t believe the deal you got on that PB lamp!! Gah!! It’s amazing! Although, the painter in my probably wouldn’t be satisfied until I messed around with it a bit. It’s a sickness 😉

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    Your space is coming together! That couch looks so soft and comfy! I LOVE the floor lamp you found, and the chunky wooden base of it is really great. I also have a big basket in our family room filled with cozy throws! :)
    Can’t wait to see this room’s “after”!

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    It is amazing how layering the accessories pulls the room together & you def did that. What great deals you scored!!! Those are my favorite places to score deals too. I love the couches, can’t wait to see more:). Have a great Day,

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    That’s going to come together beautifully. I like how you are collecting pieces before you really get started. The artwork you have stuck on the wall back there is nice too.

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    At the ripe old age of fifty-something, I’m just beginning to learn about decorating, and it’s so helpful to hear how accomplished decorators think and what their process is. I like where you’re going with this room and am excited to see more.

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    I love the brown colored sofas, because you can add so many colors of pillows and throws to dress it up. I have a brown leather sofa in the family room and I’ve been meaning to get some lighter colored pillows and refresh the room a bit. You just gave me some good ideas with your pillows….thanks for sharing. Also I started a blog 2 weeks ago. I would be thrilled if you came for a visit and give me your input. Greetings from Wa State.

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