Monday, May 26, 2014

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers and DIY Tomato Cages

I have been working so hard out in the yard these past few weeks. Every day when the kids are down for their naps, I sneak out and plant, pick weeds, spray, water, etc. I also sneak an hour or two in the evenings after they are in bed before the sun goes down.

One of the things on the old to-do list that I wanted to get completed, was to get new tomato cages. I had a bunch of cheap wire ones that I used for the past 6 years, but they were not in very good shape. Every time my tomato plants got big and heavy, they would just fall right over. So, inevitably, I would end up jury rigging them with ropes and wires and hooks and anything else I could find in the garage to attach them to the fences to try to hold them up. They were so bent and destroyed... and not very functional! 

I saw some expensive wood tomato cages at a local nursery that I loved, but I didn't want to spend the money when I knew I could build them myself for a lot less. My tomatoes are growing fast (yay!!), so it was the perfect project to join in on the Instagram #inspiremediy challenge! I am so happy with the result! Not only are they a lot more functional, but they are a lot prettier too.... which matters just as much, right!?

I really love them already. I was so tired of those wire ones! I will be sharing the full tutorial for these cages tomorrow. They're pretty easy to put together and they are SO much sturdier! 

Meanwhile, here are a few other pics from the yard. 

The last of the lilacs... They are intoxicating.

 One of my goals this year was to add more perennial flowers to our yard, so I planted quite a few. I also always get a couple of annual hanging baskets, and I just love how beautiful and lush they are all summer. 

I added these baskets to the front yard. I also planted peonies, shasta daisies, lavendar, phlox, violas, and a few more flowers to the adjoining beds. 

I hung this old feeder, that I shared on Instagram last week, in one of our trees and but a bunch of birdseed inside. Ella and I love to hang out on the porch and watch all of the birdies. 

My little angel girl likes to help, and she is responsible for helping me with the watering. Usually both of us, the dog, and the flowers all end up wet... but she is a very good helper! 

Tomorrow morning I will be sharing the full tutorial for these tomato cages!

In the meantime, these awesome ladies are also participating in the Instagram #inspiremediy challenge! It's all about taking that DIY list and knocking it out one project at a time!


Jennifer O'Brien said...

Amazing idea, cant wait to see how you did it!!! I need to do this! Look at Ella, she is getting so big!!! She is such a cutie pie:)! Jen-City Farmhouse

Danielle said...

What a great idea! So lovely to see your little helpers too!

Dawn said...

Those tomato cages are perfect, you have been working hard. Everything looks beautiful.

Shannon said...

Those sure are nice than the wire tomato cages!!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I need these so bad...I'll be back for the tutorial, you did a great job. Your helpers are so cute too!

20 North Ora said...

Kristen - I love the look of those tomato cages! May have to make some of those for my granddaughter's garden. Those wire ones just don't stand up if you have a big crop of tomatoes - which she usually does. Your flowers are beautiful.


LindaSonia said...

Looking forward to that tutorial - love the 'look' of those tomato cages. You are awesome!

Jennifer Widner said...

I love these!

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