Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bonus Room "After" Pictures... and a fun vintage play area!

I am so excited to share these pictures of our finished Bonus Room/Family room!

The only problem is that it has been SO cloudy... so here are the best pics I have for now. I will post better ones when we get some sunshine! I will also be posting on the details of the room, other things I didn't get good shots of, a painting technique, favorite paint colors, and more! 

We started out with this room... are you ready for this... it is pretty bad...
This is right after Christmas, and it looks like a bomb went off in here. I am still searching for my other before pictures, but I thought you would get a little giggle out of this. Here are our old couches from my hubby's bachelor days.

Then we bought this sectional from my brother... not exactly what I would have picked out since I tend to gravitate toward lighter couches...  

...but I LOVE it now!  I am planning on adding wood planks to the walls soon. We are also going to add fresh paint and new carpet soon. It is fun to see it all come together! 

You can see the post about the Old Door Turned Floor Mirror {here}.

I added this big birdcage that I filled with old books. I can't wait to share the before and after pictures of this piece with you tomorrow! 

A friend of mine suggested that I pull the bindings off of a bunch of books to fill the birdcage and I LOVED the way the color of the aged pages looked in it. I put some fake artichokes in there for the color, but I hope to replace them with some green plants or boxwood balls. 

You can see the before and after pictures of this side table {here}. If you haven't seen it yet, you won't believe the transformation! 

I also created this DIY gallery wall art using mousetraps and salvaged wood! See post {here}

I threw in a bunch of comfy pillows... 

And, or course lots of throws and extra blankets to snuggle up with.
 I wanted this space to be so warm and inviting and comfortable for my family to just hang out.

Here is a view from the stairs. (We got a new TV that we haven't put up here yet... I want to mount it on the wall so it is out of the way) As you can see, it is a HUGE room. It is the length of our 3 car garage, to give you an idea.

Since the room is so massive, I wanted to split it up into two different spaces. The first would be the family room, and the rest would be a fun playroom for Ella.

I had a lot of fun collecting these pieces for the space over the last several months. I purchased almost everything from thrift stores. I have collected the red enamelware for at least the last 10 years. 

Ella loves the massive chalkboard on the back wall. She loves to draw. I will post all of the details and tutorials as well as the before and after pictures of each piece next week. You won't believe what some of these things looked like before I painted them!

Update: to see more pictures of this play area, details, tips, tricks, paint colors I used, etc click here 

On the other wall, I put a toy box which holds some of her bigger toys, as well as her favorite teddy bear and a big, fun beanbag that we have had for a long time. I am debating what to do with this toy chest. I think I will probably stain it. I made a closet out of the other alcove by attaching a curtain rod and curtain. I love how much storage there is in this room now where we had none before. 

I am planning on painting a different sign to go over her table, but I had this one on hand so I stuck it there for now.

So far, I love having this dual purpose space! And, I made/DIY/repurposed/salvaged almost everything in the room! I love that you can make a room so comfortable and lovely with just bit of elbow grease {or a lot :)}

I promise I will post better pictures when it isn't SO cloudy outside!

Now for adding wood planks to the walls... I'm excited!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring and Easter Gift Brainstorming~

I have had Easter decor and gifts on my mind... well, for over a month now. Yes, even before Valentine's Day. I just LOVE decorating for the holidays, so I tend to think about it way too early- even while I am still enjoying the others.

I have been pinning {see my Easter pinterest board here}and plotting what I will be creating and purchasing for my home, as well as what I want to give as Easter gifts! 

I was exploring the World Market site {here} and I couldn't believe how many cute Easter things they had that would be perfect for easter gifts... and I am NOT just saying that!! And, they are having an awesome sweepstakes right now {um, hello! $1,000 to World Market, free IMAX for a year and more! More info. below}! 

If I were to win the Oz “The Great and Powerful” Sweepstakes, here are a few things that I would LOVE to give {or receive!} as Easter gifts. Some are great just for the holiday, and some would be fun for all of Spring and Summer! 

I am so completely crushing on all of these things! I love to give treats away in those fun loaf pans... and I think I NEED that apron and those measuring cups! Plus, I always love vintage inspired decor! I LOVE World Market... and I am not just saying that!!

Here are the details for you to go and enter
The Great and Powerful Sweepstakes presented by World Market
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Enter to win our grand prize package:
* Private movie screening for you and 50 friends of OZ The Great and Powerful
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* $1,000 World Market gift card

Plus, 3 first prizes: $500 World Market gift card

Enter online {here}

You can also follow World Market on Facebook {here} and Pinterest {here} for more inspiration!

Do you have Easter on your mind too?

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank You and Mousetrap Clip Close-ups

First, I just wanted to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support during this difficult time. Losing my mother in law has proven to be one of the saddest and hardest things we have ever gone through. Words cannot describe the sadness we have felt as we have come to terms with the loss. We look forward to the day we will see her again! Thank you for bearing with me as I grieve, and for the abundance of love and kindness you have sent my way. It means so much to me and to our family. 

I have had a few requests for a couple close up pictures of the mousetrap clips used in my DIY Gallery Wall Art Tutorial post {HERE}. 

I love the artistic whimsical quality of the loose vintage prints! 

Click {HERE} to see the full tutorial. 
I will add these pictures to the tutorial as well. 

Thank you again, loves. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Giveaway! from PEOPLE Magazine

Confession... When it comes time for the Oscars, I love to watch just for the FASHION! 
It is my guilty pleasure. 
Over the past couple of years, it seems like I haven't had the time to watch {I mean the award show is HOW many hours long!? I have too many projects going on for that!}, so I am always so excited to pour over the Red Carpet edition of PEOPLE Magazine! 

This year, the PEOPLE Magazine Oscars Double Issue will be available starting March 1, 2013 and it will only be available until March 18th!  

I am drawn to a more classic and sophisticated style as opposed to the more trendy styles. I always seem to LOVE seeing Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway. And, I am SO excited to see what they will be wearing this year! 

I believe in dressing a lot more modestly than most of the dresses usually are, but I think it is so fun to see all of the creativity in the different styles! So many of them are works of art. From there, I think it is so fun to translate different aspects into my own wardrobe!

In honor of all of this fun, we are giving away a $20 gift card to Target! See What’s Hot on the Red Carpet with PEOPLE!  No one loves fashion and the Oscars more than PEOPLE Magazine.

This giveaway will close Tuesday, February 26, 2013. 
I will pick a winner using

For more information on the sweepstakes, go to
Sweepstakes Info: Test your PEOPLE Trivia skills for a chance to win!
Enter each week for a chance to win one of hundreds of rewards cards!
Click the link to play now!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My heart is broken~

Over the weekend my sweet mother in law passed away very unexpectedly, and I can't even begin to describe the sadness that we feel. The feeling of such overwhelming loss is weighing so very heavy on all of our hearts. My heart is broken.

Even sweet Ella keeps asking, "Where's Gramamama?"

I am sure you will all understand, I will be taking a break from blogging for a short time. I have a post for later this week and a giveaway, but that is already done and scheduled. 

I need the time to mourne, care for, and love my family. 

I am grateful to know that she is in a loving and happy place. Now, more than ever, I am so thankful to know that we will see her again. 

I never thought I would be writing an obituary at the age of 30 for one of my mothers. If you would like to read her obituary, you can find it here. She is truly one of the most loving and remarkable women that ever lived. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Shared Some Love with Brave Girls Club Today!

Hello friends! 
Happy Valentine's Day!

I shared some love over at Brave Girls Club today {here}.
If you would like to see it, head on over {here} and check it out! 
I love them, and I know you will too. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Gallery Wall Art {Tutorial}

Hello friends! I have a tutorial for you today!

repurposed clips out of mousetraps!

I wanted to build a pretty substantial board/gallery/wall art thing behind the couch to hold my vintage botanical prints. I thought it would add a lot of charm to the space. 

repurposed, reclaimed

So, I thought, and thought, and thought... and this is what I came up with. I knew that I wanted it to have a vintage feel, have numbered clips for the prints, and fill up the big space. I hit up the local ReStore {again} and found a long piece of beadboard for $3 and the trim for $1.50 {I took this picture after I had spray painted the trim black}. I crossed my fingers all the way home, hoping that it would be the right size... and it was PERFECT! 

I wanted the clips to have the look of vintage reciept holders, but I didn't want to pay that much. So, I hit the dollar store and grabbed these mouse traps. At 4/$1, you can't beat the price! 

So, I will show you how I transformed them.
First, I just clipped off the unnecessary death trap parts with wire cutters.  

Until it looks like this...

Then I spray painted them with a base of black spray paint. I lightly painted over the top of that with a raw umber craft paint until they look like this... 


I used my Silhouette to cut out a stencil for the numbers {you could also use your printer and the technique I show here} and penciled them onto the top, flat area.

I filled the letters in with a creamy white paint and lightly distressed them.

I painted the piece of beadboard using layers of my favorite creamy white paint, and a light brown with the technique I show here. Then all I had to do was attach the trim with wood glue, and attach all of the mousetraps and I had a place to display my botanicals! 

I loved the look of the loose papers. I played with them in mats and thin frames, but when it came down to it, I just really loved the whimsical, artistic feel of the free papers. I have had these botanicals in my stash forever. I purchased them off of Ebay a long time ago, used them for different things and have always loved them. You can tell they are a bit crumpled, but I really love that about them. 

The total cost for this project was $6.50 since I already had the prints on hand! Love that!

Our bonus room/family room is really coming together. I keep working on it, little by little and I am so happy with how it is coming together. 

Here is what we have so far... From a couch I never would have picked on my own, to a room I am completely in love with. It isn't finished, but it is getting there! I have to warn you, I am going full steam ahead on my bonus room redo project, so I will keep sharing as I go.

To see the other before/afters in the room, click on the links below:



Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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