Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye Summer Vignettes

This has been such a fun summer and I thought I would show you the last of my summer vignettes in our dining area. I am slowly taking things down and getting ready for fall, which may seem a little premature to some.
I actually love enjoying my Halloween decorations for September and October, and then Christmas decorations for November and December. {Yes, I am "one of those people." I decorate for Christmas before thanksgiving. Hey, if I am going to go to the trouble, we are going to enjoy it!}
It is kind of sad to see the summer go, especially after lovely weeks like this one has been. Today, the hubbs and I took Ella to the zoo for the first time and we had so much fun! She loved pointing out all of the animals and talking to them in her sweet little gibberish.
Of all of the exotic animals there, she loved the domestic goats the best. Hahaha! We probably just should have taken her to a neighboring farm! I'm sure she liked them the best because we could feed them goat food. {I really liked them, too}
My favorite part was the Butterfly exhibit. We walked into a small habitat and there were thousands of Costa Rican butterflies flying all around. They were every color and pattern you can imagine. Some even landed on us. It was pretty magical. When one of the big, beautiful, blue ones landed on my hip, Ella pointed at it and talked to it in her sweet little voice.

Anyhow, as much as I have enjoyed the summer, I am looking very forward to the Fall. I love Autumn crispness, wearing layers, hot cocoa, the fall colors, and so much more. 

So, here are the last of my summer vignettes to say a proper farewell to summer.
My sister in law was nice enough to let me steal a bunch of her hydrangeas. They are so full and beautiful, and one of my favorite flowers.

I hope you have enjoyed your summer. And, to my friends who have had hard summers, I hope the beautiful parts of summer have given you a bit of joy and comfort. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 27, 2012

My German Pancake Recipe {Healthier Version}

Hello friends!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Kristin, over at Simply Klassic Home, was nice enough to let me guest post over on her blog today.
I am sharing my German pancake {healthier version} recipe.  Yum!
Ella and I love it, and I make it at least once a week.
Head over to Simply Klassic Home to check it out.
I hope your week is off to a great start!

Friday, August 24, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I love comfy white linens,
antique doors with panes of glass and chippy white paint,
old mason jars filled with flowers,
Old baskets,
and things made with book pages.
I love the feel of all of their textures layered together.
I have been collecting these white linens for our master bedroom that I am redecorating.
I am so excited to use them.
I hope you have a great weekend enjoying a few of your favorite things :)
I will be enjoying my very favorite thing, my sweet Ella Claire.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exciting News- A {Fabulous} New Blog! I need YOU!

I have some really fun news to share today!
Isn't this exciting!?

There will be a fabulous new blog launching September 5th!

Kristin, Simply Klassic Home, and Kate, Salvage Dior, were talking and thought up this wonderful idea to start a blog featuring the reclaimed goodness around the web!

What a great idea!
I love, love, love this kind of stuff.

And, they were nice enough to let me be a contributor! I am so stinking excited!
So... I want to see all of your reclaimed wonderful-ness. 
We will be searching out projects and blog posts to feature.
I hope you will submit your project!
If you would like to submit you can go here:  Submit Your Bliss

To be featured, the project must include one or more of the following:
Family keepsakes and hand-me-downs
Flea market/thrift store finds
Restored, repainted, or repurposed furniture or other pieces, either purchased or found

We will also be featuring fellow bloggers and friends when you nominate them! You can nominate an entire blog or a post that you thought was really great.
Nominate another blog here: Nominate a Feature.

If you have any questions, please email us at

In the meantime, you can follow us here:


I hope you will like us on facebook so you don't miss any exciting announcements!
{Trust me, we have a lot of fun things in store}

I hope you are as excited as I am for this!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Top 16 Favorite {FREE} Fonts

Hi everyone!

I have had several questions about the different fonts I have used in a couple of my designs, so I came up with this little list for you~ My top 16 favorite free fonts!  

1. Wisdom Script {click HERE} 2. Abraham Lincoln {click HERE} 3. Octin Vintage {click HERE} 4. Sail {click HERE} 5. Calamity Jane {click HERE} 6. Richardson Fancy Block{click HERE}7. Lavanderia {click HERE} 8. Delouisville {click HERE} 9. Volutes {click HERE} 10. Batang {click HERE} 11. MTF Under Your Skin {click HERE} 12. Covington {click HERE}13. NeoRetroDraw {click HERE} 14. Contribute {click HERE} 15. Covington SCShadow{click HERE} 16. Some Weatz {click HERE}

(**Update: On the Co op site where it asks you how much you want to pay for the font, put $0 in the box to get it for free. If you would like to donate to the author, you can put that amount in there)

(**Update #2: Please be respectful and abide by each font's terms of use. Some are only free for personal use.)

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! You are so good to me.

*If you would like to see more fonts, you can see my Top 16 Favorite Free Fonts for Valentines and Love Letters {Here}

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Yummiest Birthday Treat Ever!

I got the best surprise in the mail today!

A box of a dozen yummy chocloate covered strawberries for my birthday!

My birthday isn't until Monday, but he had them sent today so I could enjoy them.

Something this pretty and this chocolate... Does he know me, or does he know me?!!

I love that man.
{He is probably wondering why I am taking pictures of them instead of eating them.. haha}

I can tell you now, they taste as delicious as they look!
Best. Husband. Ever!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ella's Shabby Chic Garden Birthday Party~ Continued

I couldn't fit all of the pictures that I wanted in yesterday's post, so I thought I would do a "continued" post with more of the details of Ella's shabby chic garden birthday party.

Thank you for all of the sweet comments on the previous post. They were so thoughtful!
If you missed it and would like to catch up, you can see it {here}.

I think planning the food for parties is so fun, and I loved using all of the different packaging for this party. I put these cherries in big paper cups that I think are supposed to be for condiments for hot dogs. They are like cupcake cups, but a lot bigger.

Lunch food is my favorite. If it were up to me, I would eat all of this yumminess every meal, every day! 

These boys are so dang cute! We were told that this was a "boys only" area-- no girls allowed!
I told them I was going to beat them up and eat all of their treats.
They laughed in my face.

Me and my sweetie pie... holding her daddy's hand. I love this picture. It is not the best picture of me, but I love, love, love how cute it is that they were holding hands.
Told you she has him wrapped around her little finger...

I think that Ella's favorite part of the evening, besides the fun presents, was all of the yummy food everyone snuck to her. Here is my mom (yes, my mom... everyone always thinks she is my sister, but she is, in fact, my mother. Yes, I am turning 30 next week. What can I say? She is a freak of nature...) feeding the munchkin.

Ella and her grandma {my mother in law} opening gifts. My little girly girl has played with this purse every day since!

She has also played with this little car my mom got her every day!
Those grandmas know what they are doing!
She was so inquisitive about everything.

I really think there is nothing better than an evening in the country.

Ella was so cute when we gave her the cake! All she wanted to do was play with the {unlit} candle! Now, this surprised me. My little chub loves her food!

Daddy lit the candle and blew it out for her.

I just made her a simple little cake and drizzled frosting over the top.
She kept sticking her little foot up on the tray. She is so funny.

Eventually, with a little coaxing from Blair, she dug in.  

I love birthdays!
Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ella's First Birthday Party~ Shabby Chic Garden Party

Over the weekend, we had a little shabby chic garden party to celebrate Ella's first birthday.
We had a pleasant evening with family and close friends, all picnicking out on antique quilts!

I think Ella was completely mesmerized by the whole thing. Everyone wanted to shower her cute little chubby cheeks with kisses. There were people constantly sneaking her treats, and lots of kids and kitties to play with.

This picture below is Dianne, and and this beautiful garden and home belong to her. I have loved her home ever since I was a little girl and I used to dream that someday I would grow up and have a home like hers.  

Not only did she put this beautiful table together, but she arranged those gorgeous flowers last minute just to match, and all from her yard no less. I know what you are all thinking, and it is true. She is amazingly talented. And her house would absolutely fit in the best magazines.

For the food, I wanted it to be simple and yummy, so we did all kinds of things that people could put in their "lunch boxes" including cups of cherries, bags of chips, chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, watermelon, cookies, cupcakes, and other tasty treats.

I made the bags for the chips out of paper place mats! I think they would be so cute for other things... and a much less expensive alternative to the pricey paper party bags you see everywhere now. And, in true Ella Claire style, I will be posting a tutorial on how to make them soon!

I have to apologize for the pictures. They are a little off due to the overhead lighting.  

Here is a shot of the boxes that we used for the food. I lined them with rectangular paper doilies to match the shabby chic theme. And, I always love to find any excuse to use swirly straws!

Aren't these girlies lovely!? Just sitting, enjoying the evening, Right behind them the horse kept coming over to check them out. My niece, who loves horses, probably wanted to ride away on one!

I can't believe how much Ella looks like her daddy in this picture! Oh how I love them...
And, as I am sure you can imagine, she has him wrapped around her chubby little finger!

I would't have it any other way.

On the deck, I hung these lanterns that I made. The white one is made out of coffee filters, the striped one is an old bed skirt that I bought at a thrift store and ripped up, and the third one is made of vintage doilies. The doily one is completely hollow on the inside, so it looks really pretty in the light.

Dianne has these lights hanging all around the deck and I love to sit out there whenever I am over there.

She also has a beautiful little vegetable garden where the kids {and I} love to explore and play around. There is a swing down there, and one of these days Dianne is going to find me out there taking a nap.

Ella was so cautious when it came to her cake, and at first she seemed more interested in playing with it than eating it! But, eventually with some prodding, she dug in! I have a few more cake pictures I will be sharing tomorrow.

This is my very best childhood friend, Blair {Dianne is her mom}. I love this girl. And I love how she loves my baby girl. She is so good to me, and I cherish the memories we have in this house. As girls, we used to play dress up, sleep out on the trampoline, float the canal behind the property, ride bikes, watch old movies, and so much more. She is still, truly, the kindest {and prettiest} person I know.

This year has been the best year. I have enjoyed being a mommy so much. As I am approaching my 30th birthday next week, I find myself so grateful for the love of family, friends, and my sweet angel baby. I feel truly honored to be her mommy.

I have so many more pictures to share tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!